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Tue, 07/03/2018 - 15:06 — Jessica Terashima texting is when you send a text message through an online service to a mobile phone. It’s actually more common and easier than you may think. If you've sent out a marketing email, you already have the skills you need to send your first mass text. With services like EZ Texting all you have to do is sign up, upload your opted-in contacts, and start sending messages. You can do so with any device that connects to the internet – from your laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Why Do Businesses Use Online Texting Services?

If you want to reach more than 100 contacts, regardless of kind of phone or software that they use, texting with an online service just makes sense. With online software you can text thousands of people at once. You can also schedule messages for later, program them to repeat, or set up an entire drip campaign.

Texting Services Available to Businesses of All Sizes

One of the best things about online texting services is that you don’t need to be a big budget and staff to get started. The online platform doesn’t require any special hardware or...Read more

Thu, 06/28/2018 - 11:49 — Jessica Terashima
SMS stands for Short Message Service. These are the vast majority of messages you send and receive every day. They have no images, and clock in at 160 alphanumeric characters.

SMS - 20 Years from Birth to Mass Adoption

The first text message was sent way back in 1992, but the technology really took off in the late 90’s when mobile phones and carriers started broadly enabling the service. By 2012, Americans were sending over six billion text messages a day. In fact, for nearly all smartphone owners, texting is their most used feature.

The Benefits of Using SMS Messages to Connect

SMS messaging has been nearly universally adopted and it doesn’t matter what kind of phone your audience has – unlike options like iMessage on iPhones. Also, SMS does not require users to use a certain app like Facebook Messenger. In addition, text messages opened 98% of the time – with most being read within the first 3 minutes. In comparison, emails tend to be opened at a rate of around 22%. If you’re trying to reach a broad audience, text messaging can’t be beat.

SMS Short Message Service for Business...Read more

Tue, 06/26/2018 - 13:28 — Jessica Terashima
Wondering how to send automatic text messages from your laptop or phone? It’s actually pretty easy using an online software like EZ Texting. After signing up, all you really need to do is upload your contact list, write a message, schedule it and send. Here are a few more details and how to get started.

1. Sign Up for a Texting Service 

There are a lot of services out there, but EZ Texting is the largest and has been around the longest. You don’t need a credit card to sign up and take a look around, but if you really want to harness its full power to send bulk messages and personalize a Keyword, you should sign up for a plan. EZ Texting is an online software provider. That means that you just need an internet connection and browser to access the tool. EZ Texting does offer API integrations for enterprise clients, but it is not necessary for most small to medium-sized businesses that we service.

2. Upload Your Opted-In Contacts 

If you have a list of contacts that have said “yes” to receiving text messages, you can upload your list in...Read more

Fri, 06/15/2018 - 15:44 — Jessica Terashima
At EZ Texting we’re always working to give customers the easiest, most awesome experience possible. We recently updated our send message page and wanted to share some of the key upgrades.

1. Easier Recipient Selection Using Auto Complete

If you’ve sent a message to an individual or group before, our system will recognize it and suggest it to you before you finish typing.

2. Real-Time Message Preview

No one likes surprises! As you type your message it will show up in the preview window in real time, so you can see exactly what you’re going to send.

3. Advanced Options at Your Fingertips

Advanced features like message templates, dynamic fields, and recurring messages are easy to access when you’re typing your message.

4. Real-Time Character Validation

We’ll tell you right away if you enter a character that EZ Texting does not support.

5. Easy Group Creation

Quickly group your individual contacts so you can easily message them again.Read more

Thu, 06/14/2018 - 13:07 — Jessica Terashima

The 4th of July is a time to celebrate throughout the United States. Communities of every size enjoy parades, fireworks displays, block parties and more. Bulk texting can help coordinate volunteers, drive attendance, and notify attendees during the event. Here’s how you can improve every step of your event with bulk texting.

1. Use Bulk Texting to Coordinate Workers and Volunteers

Independence Day events can be a lot of work to organize – and require a lot of labor to pull off. If you’re in charge of this monumental task, consider using a mass texting platform like EZ Texting to make it easier. Instead of sending an email and hoping it gets read, or calling and hoping someone picks up, use text messaging, which has an average 98% read rate. It’s the perfect way to send out a mass message like, “Reminder – Grant City’s 4th of July Event is tomorrow. All volunteers meet at the grandstand at 9am.”

2. Use a Keyword to Gather RSVPs and to Opt-In Attendees

A Keyword campaign is a great way to connect with event attendees, and open the lines of communication with...Read more

Tue, 06/12/2018 - 11:16 — Jessica Terashima
At EZ Texting we want to make it as easy as possible to succeed at sending your text campaigns. Here are simple answers to the most-asked EZ Texting Customer Questions.

1. I sent myself a text message, but I haven't received it yet. What's going on?

Sometimes you won’t receive a message because you’ve opted out of receiving texts on that number before. To check if you’re opted out, text the word “HELP” to your short code number. If you receive back a message saying to call us, you’re not blocked, and you should try again. If you don’t receive a message back or receive a message saying, “Service Access Denied,” you'll need to call your phone carrier and ask to remove a “short code block” on your account.

2. The system is not accepting my contact list. Why is that?

First check what format your customers list is in. EZ Texting accepts XLS, XLSX and CSV files. Each row should represent a single contact. It's best to place your phone numbers in the first column followed by fields like first name, last name, email, and note. Only phone number...Read more

Thu, 06/07/2018 - 11:31 — Jessica Terashima
The National Retail Federation estimates that American consumers will spend over $15 billion on Father’s Day this year. They explain “77 percent of Americans will celebrate Father’s Day and spend an average of $133 per person, treating dad to special outings, clothing, gift cards, electronics and more.” Graduation celebrations are on track to add another $5 billion in spending.

So how do you capitalize on all these June occasions? Check out these tips:

1. Make Sure Your Text Subscriber List is On Point

Ramp up your efforts to build your list with a Keyword campaign. You could do a special one to target customers interested in Father’s Day deals by creating signs, adding text to your website, or email signature like this, “Join the EZ Golf VIP Club! Text DADS to 313131 to get a 20% off discount on all golf merchandise”

2. Craft Text Promotions That Speak to Customers

As with the example above, make sure that your text messages promote offers that your customers will want to use. Adding an image will really make it pop! For example, “Receive a free commemorative golf ball from EZ Golf when...Read more

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 14:07 — Jessica Terashima

Nothing compares to the love of a good dog – except supporting an organization that gives that love back! This June, EZ Texting was privileged to get a visit from the four-legged friends from Wags & Walks – a rapidly growing dog rescue organization in Los Angeles.

EZ Texting’s dog-friendly Santa Monica office got the chance to meet with several adorable rescues and their intrepid, volunteer caretakers. EZ Texting also made a contribution to this worthwhile organization.

In addition to lots of petting and hugs, Wags & Walks also shared information on the 3,500+ dogs they’ve saved to date from high-kill shelters, as well as their adoption process and foster programs.

EZ Texting employees sure love dogs, and were happy to have the chance to celebrate with Wags & Walks!

Zeke and Mr. Peanuts are a couple of the dogs who visited our office. You can see them and the other dogs available for adoption on the Wags & Walks website.Read more

Thu, 05/31/2018 - 10:06 — Jessica Terashima
During the 2018 BroadwayCon, Situation did something that Gretchen Wieners couldn’t: they made “Fetch” happen! The NYC-based digital agency used EZ Texting’s service to market the new MEAN GIRLS Broadway musical, using the famous catch-phrase as the lynchpin for their text marketing campaign. The results were awesome!

Choosing the Right Text Marketing Keyword – So Fetch

Situation crafted a clever text promotion that transformed the restrooms of BroadwayCon into high school bathrooms right out of the show. Instead of scrawling burns, the graffiti on the bathroom mirrors told visitors, “I’ve got gossip…text ‘FETCH’ to 797979”.

Follow Up with Flair - This Is, Like, a Really Huge Deal

The auto reply included a selfie of the show’s queen mean girl, Regina George, and a welcome message that sounds like it’s coming straight from her. During the convention they followed up and sent funny messages to keep interest high. At the close of the convention they updated their auto-reply to reflect the closing of the campaign.

So Good It Burns - Making a Hit on Social Media

In addition to bringing a smile to visitors faces and boosting direct engagement,...Read more
Thu, 05/24/2018 - 21:20 — Jessica Terashima

What kind of company looks like it’s run by a bunch of clowns? EZ Texting did on Thursday, May 24, when employees across the U.S. helped raise funds for Red Nose Day! Red Nose Day is a yearly event that raises awareness and funds to help combat childhood poverty. Our Austin, TX and Santa Monica, CA office purchased red noses in support of the cause, and put them on to show our spirit!

Our Santa Monica office got in the swing of Red Nose Day.

EZ Texting in Austin, TX got their noses on and showed they care!

This year’s Red Nose day is over, but there’s never a bad time to give. You can learn more about Red Nose Day and the great organization behind the event on their website. You can also donate year-round!

EZ Texting is the leading provider of easy-to-use, self-service marketing solutions for thousands of businesses across the US & Canada. We specialize in helping local businesses grow and retain their revenue through proactive outreach and engagement. Our solutions also support customer service, collections, and logistics communications. Learn more about our plans now....Read more


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