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Thu, 03/08/2018 - 10:40 — Jessica Terashima

Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, March 11th this year. Are you and your customers ready to spring forward? Texting can help.

Don’t Pull the Covers Over Your Head

During the first few days after the switchover, it’s important to be extra aware of shifting schedules - and bleary-eyed co-workers ! Daylight Saving Time also presents a great opportunity to engage with your customers and increase sales -- think golf clubs and BBQs . So how can texting help ease the Daylight Saving Time transition and strengthen your customer relationships? Check out these suggestions:

Send a reminder message - "Set your clocks forward an hour!" What better way to show your customers that you care than to send them a friendly SMS reminder about the time change? Let your customers know if your business will be making any adjustments due to the time change - they'll appreciate that you're thinking of them. Your business is located in an area that does not observe Daylight Saving Time - let your customers know that you will not be ‘springing forward’ and here are the hours of operations and here are the new time differences. Kep you employees in the...Read more
Mon, 03/05/2018 - 14:52 — Jessica Terashima

Text marketing is a proven strategy to reach customers quickly and easily. In a month packed with holidays like this March, there are many opportunities to promote sales and engagement with your contact list. Here are four to consider:

St. Patrick’s Day

The holiday of green can mean big business for restaurants and bars. Consider sending a reminder of a great deal or a special promotion for early-bird visitors to your establishment. EZ Texting also provides free downloadable MMS templates if you just want to send a St. Paddy’s greeting to keep your organization top-of-mind.

March Madness

March means college basketball is reaching fever pitch! Retailers selling team merchandise could consider text coupon offer. Sports bars can promote specials for game days. Hotels can remind customers to book early for travel to tournament locations.


This holiday, and the days leading up to it, can make an impact for a range of industries. Texting can help! Churches can use texting to remind texting to notify and remind congregants and volunteers about special service, Easter egg hunts, and other timely events. Restaurants can offer special discounts or offers for family...Read more

Wed, 02/28/2018 - 13:20 — Jessica Terashima

Incorporating texting into your marketing mix can be a great way to see immediate results. But have you ever wondered what’s the best wording for a retail text promotion? How do you get the most bang for your 160 characters? Your text promotions should capture attention and spur a positive action. If you include the right elements and the right tone, you should be all set for success.

Here are 5 Tips for Wording a Retail Text Promotion: Give Them Something Good - If you’re going appear on someone’s phone, you better have something good to say! Subscribers love to save money, so discounts, special offers, and coupons are a great way to go. Make Sure They Know It’s You - Your contacts may subscribe to multiple business text programs. Make sure they know it’s you when you text them. Include your company name or a link to your website. Respect Their Time - Only share important information or something that benefits your subscribers! Be 100% on their side and don’t waste their time with needless updates. Give Them a Way Out - Remind your customers that they can text STOP to opt-out. That way they...Read more
Wed, 02/21/2018 - 11:42 — Jessica Terashima

At EZ Texting, we talk a lot about how text marketing can help you grow your list and increase sales. But many organizations strive for something else. They try to engage with subscribers and help them succeed. Can texting boost engagement and spread positivity? The answer is yes!

Uplift and Engage One of EZ Texting’s nonprofit clients, A Beautiful Me , is on a mission to “foster self-worth in all women of all ages.” On their website, A Beautiful Me invites visitors to sign up to self-esteem boosting text messages. Founder and executive director Karen Palka explains, “Instead of eliminating the phone in the hands of youth, we supplement and provide a positive text 2x per month.” In addition to making a positive impact on subscribers, the organization has found that the text program has helped convert supporters into donors. Encourage and Remind Another client explains how they use EZ Texting to keep fitness clients engaged: "We use EZ Texting to administer a portion of our nutrition coaching. So, they may receive reminder texts, a message with a link to check in on, or links to lessons for a daily reading. We have found that sending...Read more
Tue, 02/20/2018 - 13:35 — EZ Texting

EZ Chat enables you to have one on one text message conversation with contacts. This gives you a key advantage when you consider the following numbers:

Texts are used by 97% of Americans and it is the most-used app 52% of customers would prefer texting customer service over their current method Texting can reduce the cost of customer service calls from $20 to just pennies

The writing on the wall is clear: your customers want to text, they want to do so with you, and texting has tangible benefits on the bottom line. So what can business and organizational leaders do to better engage with customers?

They can leverage EZ Chat, which is a tool that allows customers and contacts to have personalized, private, one-on-one conversations using text messages. EZ Chat uses a standard 10-digit phone number.

See how EZ Chat can strengthen your customer service and lead to measurable growth:

Getting EZ Chat

EZ Chat can be enabled on any existing 10 digit landline, as well as any phone number you purchase from EZ Texting. If you want to buy a new line, EZ Texting’s platform allows you...Read more

Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:53 — EZ Texting

National Donut Day? Go Skateboarding Day? Ask a Stupid Question Day? Believe it or not, these are all one of many unofficial holidays, and while they don’t have the same cache of Christmas or Thanksgiving, they’re nonetheless celebrated.

And they also give businesses the chance to capitalize on them to boost sales. The trick is matching the right holiday to your company’s goals, and choosing the right tool to promote it. You’ll have to get creative and find the right holiday, but check out how some of EZ Texting’s solutions can help you drive growth:

Keywords and Short Codes

EZ Texting’s clients are on a shared short code (such as 313131); to ensure that contacts’ text messages end up in the correct mailbox, clients advertise special keywords . If you’re a retail store wanting to celebrate National “Wear Red” Day on the first Friday in February, you may want to advertise the following on social media or wherever your customers might see it: “Text WEARRED to 313131 to get a special discount at Carrie’s Clothing on National “Wear Red” Day!” The six-digit short code is 313131 and customers will text it...Read more

Wed, 02/14/2018 - 15:21 — EZ Texting

For most retail locations, increasing the number of repeat customers is the pot of gold at the end of the marketing rainbow. Developing solid relationships with your customers so they choose you over your competitors might seem like a pipe dream, but building this level of brand loyalty is easier than you think.

Check out three ways that EZ Texting can help you develop and manage customer loyalty programs:

Leverage Sign-up Tools to Grow Customer Lists


Keywords are 2-12 character phrases (a character is a letter, number, or punctuation mark) that businesses advertise and customers use to text in. EZ Texting clients use a shared short code; eywords ensure that texts sent to a short code end up in the correct inbox. Consider advertising a message on social media or on flyers, such as: “Text NEWDEALS to 313131 to get the latest promos and discounts at Brenda’s Boutique.” EZ Texting will auto-sort contacts who’ve used this keyword into a separate group. Also, since this particular group has agreed to receive future promotions, you've likely turned them into repeat business.

Simple Sign-up Tools (Widgets)

These are customizable...Read more

Fri, 02/09/2018 - 09:42 — Alixandria Baugh

February is moving fast and Lent is right around the corner. Fish Fries are popular events at church during Lent, but how can you let congregants know the details of your seasonal fish fry? SMS is a great way to invite customers to the Friday evening fish fry and remind them to show up! Check out how you can boost attendance to your fish fry with EZ Texting.

Create Your List of Contacts

You want high attendance at your Friday night fish fry during lent this year. Creating a quality contact list is an important first step for inviting your congregation. Your list of contacts will need to only include members of your congregation that want to be contacted. This means you’ll need their consent to contact them.

Opt-In Contacts You must stay compliant when reaching out to your contacts, which means you must have consent to message them. Consent is very important to protect both you and your contacts. Don’t let this overwhelm you though. EZ Texting Keywords allow your contacts to give you this consent with one simple text. Share your keyword on your bulletin, for example a poster can say “Text CHURCHEVENTS to...Read more
Wed, 02/07/2018 - 10:29 — Jessica Terashima

As an agency, your job is to help companies put their best foot forward when it comes to gaining subscribers, boosting sales, building loyalty, and driving retention. So how can text marketing help you help your clients? And why is EZ Texting the best option?

How Text Marketing Benefits Your Clients If you want to help your clients make an impact, texting is a great place to start. Nearly everybody opens and reads the text messages they receive. Research shows that texting can reduce customer acquisition costs from as much as $20 to just pennies. Plus, adding texting to your marketing mix can lead to a 40% higher conversation rate.

A Great Marketing Mix When you’re talking about the perfect marketing mix for you clients, texting nearly always makes sense. Keyword campaigns can help businesses grow their subscriber list. Text promotions can drive traffic both online and to stores. Text-based chats can help customer service solve problems. These are all features that you can add on to email, print and digital marketing packages with very little cost and effort incurred. A Ready and Willing Audience Compliance rules say that businesses can only text to explicitly opted-in...Read more
Mon, 02/05/2018 - 22:44 — EZ Texting

No matter how comprehensive your marketing strategy is, it won't make much of a difference if you don't have a quality list of customers.

Check out how EZ Texting can help you reach new customers and strengthen the power of your marketing:

Growing Your List

Don’t have enough contacts in your list? Keywords and short codes can get you more customers! A keyword is a 2-12 character word (letters, numbers, and punctuation marks) that is unique to each EZ Texting client. Keywords are customizable and EZ Texting helps you search for what's available. To grow your list, advertise a keyword on social media, posts, TV/radio, etc. You’ll want to give potential customers a reason to text you, so consider advertising a message such as: “Text FREENACHOS to 797979 to get free nachos at McCallahan’s and receive future promos via text!” FREENACHOS is the keyword customers will text in with, 797979 is the short code, and your ad clearly states that you’ll be adding them to their marketing list in exchange for free nachos.

Creating Groups of Contacts

One best practice is to use keywords to create different groups of...Read more


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