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What Is MMS Messaging?

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is a text marketing term for an SMS text message that also includes an image, video, audio, contact, or GIF file. Adding imagery to a text message can improve engagement rates by as much as 250%, with 61% of consumers saying they’re more likely to click and purchase a product via text when promoted with an image.

Most MMS text messages can contain up to 500 KB of data, enough for a 30-second audio or video file. Emoji can be used in regular SMS messages and are not specific to MMS messaging.

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MMS vs. SMS—What’s the Difference?

The difference between sms and MMS is simple: While SMS messages are capped at 160 characters of text only, MMS messages are not capped until 1,600 characters, and may contain an image, video, or GIF file.

There’s also a difference in price as one SMS costs 1 credit to send, while MMS messages cost 3 credits per contact messaged. It's worth considering your business, your products, and your strategy when considering sending an MMS versus an SMS; humans are visual by nature and we’ve found that adding an engaging image or video consistently drives more engagement.

What Is an MMS Group Message?

An MMS Group Message is a text message containing a picture, video or audio file that is sent to multiple recipients at the same time. You may belong to a group text chain with your friends and send each other images, but that is not the same as a professional MMS group application.

The most important difference is that business MMS messaging is a permission-based activity and requires consent to receive MMS texts from everyone you plan to message.

MMS Messaging Powered by EZ Texting X Shutterstock

EZ Texting’s built-in Shutterstock integration gives you easy (and free) access to the world’s leading image library of more than 20 million professional photos and illustrations. We make it effortless to create engaging MMS messages in minutes and boost your SMS campaign performance.

To save even more time and increase your MMS text response rates by as much as 30% pair Shutterstock's professional tools and EZ Texting’s AI Compose. Driving increased performance has never been easier!
Free Premium Shutterstock Images

EZ Texting’s Shutterstock integration allows users access to 20 million+ high-resolution royalty free images—-all fully customizable to fit your MMS campaign.

Powerful MMS Image Editor

Shutterstock’s intuitive image editor allows you to easily enhance photos, add text, swap colors, and more—-no design experience necessary! Effortlessly create branded promotions, invitations, announcements, and more.

MMS Text Design Templates

No need to be a design wiz to make eye-catching MMS messages. Jumpstart your designs by choosing from hundreds of customizable templates created to fit all your MMS texting needs.

Slick Text
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  Free Shutterstock Images
  Premium Image Editor
  Professional Design Templates
  Mobile Image Optimization

When Should You Send an SMS vs MMS?

SMS messages are concise and best suited for alerts, notifications, confirmations, or guiding your audience to a valuable link, whereas the visual power of an MMS text is better suited for dazzling your audience with product shots—pastries, dresses, flowers, cars, homes, etc.—and any instance where you really want people to take visual notice. Sometimes short and sweet wins the day, but MMS messaging offers a flashier, and ultimately more engaging, way to excite your mobile audience.

Many brands leverage the power of MMS to distribute video content. This form of marketing is so effective that a HubSpot study found that 64% of users said they are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video.

How to Create & Send MMS Messages with EZ Texting

Step 1

Plan Your MMS Message

Composing an MMS message is just as easy as writing an SMS. Just remember to compose a message that works in concert with your imagery.

  • Log In to Your EZ Texting Account
  • Gather Your Message Details
  • Write Your MMS Message

Step 2

Pick & Edit Your MMS Image

MMS files can be chosen from our royalty free Shutterstock image library or files uploaded from your computer.

  • Select or Upload an Image
  • Add Text & Edit Your Image
  • Save Your Final MMS Image

Step 3

Send & Track Your MMS Message

After you’ve sent your MMS message, check your reporting dashboard to see how it performed. Let consumer behavior help guide future strategy.

  • Check CTRs, Opt-Ins & More
  • Manage Multiple Accounts
  • Optimize Based on Results

5 MMS Marketing Best Practices

As with implementing any marketing solution, it helps to be familiar with some of the best practices. The following are just a few of our top recommendations for using MMS in text message marketing.

1. Keep Messages Short & to the Point

Just because MMS texts have unlimited character limits doesn’t mean you should send wordy, lengthy messages. Instead, keep your messages short and sweet and your audience will thank you with increased engagement and action! For example, if you’re hosting a big sale, let them know in the image so no one can miss the take away.

2. Use Clear & Concise Language

In addition to keeping your messages short and using clear and concise language. Your customers should be able to quickly scan your text and get the gist of it without needing to re-read it or pull out a dictionary to help decipher it.

3. Use High-Quality Images & Videos

Send the right message with professional-grade photos and videos. EZ Texting makes it easy with more than 20 million Shutterstock photos ready for use in your MMS marketing campaigns. Invest time and energy into selecting the best quality images and videos to ensure your messages come across as professional.

4. Personalize Messages

Personalization goes a long way. To capture your customer’s attention and make them feel seen, tailor your messages specifically to them. Include their names in their message or references with information based on their purchasing behavior or preferences.

5. Track the Results of Your Campaigns

Don’t just click send and hope for the best. Use the analytics and tracking tools with MMS marketing services to monitor your campaign’s performance. This way, you can determine if you’re getting the click-through rates and engagement that align with your goals.

MMS Examples: Drive More Engagement, No Matter Your Industry

MMS Message: Healthcare Example
MMS for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations can use MMS to grab patient attention when sending important appointment reminders, safety or procedural notifications, and payment reminders.

MMS Message: Healthcare Example
MMS Message: Gyms Example
MMS for Fitness & Gyms

Fitness centers, gyms, and yoga studios can all benefit from including energetic and aspirational imagery in their messages. Fill classes faster, share fitness tips, and more using MMS messaging.

MMS Message: Gyms Example
MMS Message: Professional Services Example
MMS for Professional Services

Life insurance agents, tax prep firms, and lawyers can improve client services and drive new business by adding MMS text messaging to important alerts, notifications, and lead acquisition messages.

MMS Message: Professional Services Example
MMS Message: Higher Education Example
MMS for Higher Education

Text is one of the most effective ways to reach students, and adding MMS can supercharge engagement. Attract new applicants, engage alumni, and build better student relationships with MMS Marketing.

MMS Message: Higher Education Example
MMS Message: Property Management Example
MMS for Property Management

Improve your overall lead conversion by building a list of qualified applicants via texting for property management. Then use MMS texting to showcase and convert more properties faster than ever.

MMS Message: Property Management Example
MMS Message: Retail & Ecommerce Example
MMS for Retail & Ecommerce

From driving foot traffic and boosting sales to automating exceptional customer experiences, SMS messaging is key to retail marketing success--and MMS is your secret weapon. Showcasing product and aspirational MMS photos can instantly boost engagement.

MMS Message: Retail & Ecommerce Example

What’s Next for MMS? A Look at the Future of SMS & MMS Marketing

With the onset of AI technology and the upcoming rollout of RCS and RBM messaging for professional use cases, MMS and SMS are in for a bumpy ride. RCS/RBM was designed as a replacement for SMS and MMS and includes a number of improved features and branding opportunities that more and more businesses will need to start taking advantage of. But that’s all the more reason to start sending MMS messages today! The sooner you start building your textable contact list and optimizing your MMS messaging, the better you’ll be equipped for the arrival of RCS/RBM—currently slated to be available on iPhones in 2024/2025.

What are you waiting for? Now’s the perfect time to implement an MMS marketing solution of your own. Contact us today to find out more about our free 14-day trial!

Our Customers Love MMS Marketing with EZ Texting

Jann Parker of Billings Livestock Commision is just one of our many EZ Texting customers that loves using MMS to send dynamic images and videos to her subscribers. She sees results instantly, and your business can too!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Sending an MMS message costs 3 credits. While an SMS message may cost less at 1 credit per message, it’s worth considering your business, your products, and your strategy when considering sending an MMS versus an SMS — humans are visual by nature and adding an image or video consistently drives more engagement.



You can upload a JPG, GIF, PNG, WAV, MP3, 3GP, or MP4 file. If you would like to upload an MP4 (video) file it is important to make sure that the size of it is no larger than 5MB. It’s often best to send links to video files as larger files attached to messages will not be sent. MMS files can be chosen from our royalty free Shutterstock image library, photos or video taken by a mobile device, or files uploaded from your computer.



Absolutely! We offer a number of colorful, free MMS templates that you can use to add some kick to your messages. You’ll find MMS templates for “thank you,” birthday, and holiday messaging at our MMS templates page.