SMS Text Messaging for
Preschools, Daycare & K-12

Offer exemplary communication services with bulk SMS for childcare and schools, both public and private. Text messaging gets students, faculty, and parents on the same page more efficiently.

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70% of high school students opted in to text messaging and found it beneficial1

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100 messages a day is the average number of texts teen girls are sending2

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70% of Americans are comfortable receiving compliant text messaging3

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90 seconds to reply to a text message vs. 90 minutes for an email4

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Text Marketing Solutions  
for Schools

Knowledge is power — mass texting for schools keeps students, parents, and staff up to date at all times. A 98% open rate means alerts, notifications, and reminders get seen.

  • Reliable SMS Alert System for Schools
  • Affordable Bulk SMS Services for School Teams and PTAs
  • Direct, Two-Way SMS for School Students to Message Teachers
  • Promote Event Attendance with Text Notifications
  • Track Engagement on Newsletters and Sign-Up Forms

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Why Text Is the Right Solution for Daycares & K-12 Schools


SMS for Schools & Childcare Can Upgrade the Way Your Administration & Admissions Teams Connect & Inform

   Share Information Faster
When an emergency occurs, text messages are the fastest, most efficient way to notify the community.

   Be Confident Your Messages are Read
80% of text messages are read within 10 minutes, making text the ideal channel for time-sensitive alerts.

   Reach People on the Go
Nearly everyone carries a mobile phone, making text messaging a highly effective way to reach your community — wherever they are.

   Promote & Manage Events
Boost event participation and engagement with text invitations, automated reminders, and logistical updates.

   Grow a List of Volunteers
Using Keywords on signs and other materials make it easy for parents to join volunteer notification lists.

   New-Student Welcome Campaigns
Use drip campaigns to welcome new students and parents and share information about your school and ways to get involved.

   Connect to Faculty & Staff
Make sure your staff and faculty are kept in the loop on important news, dates, and deadlines with bulk texting.

   Target Messages with Keywords
Use Keywords to segment your groups — fifth-grade teachers, custodians, etc.— for more targeted messages.

   Connect Directly with Two-Way Messaging
Use Two-Way SMS texting to receive and respond to staff inquires anytime, anywhere using our mobile app.

TCPA Compliance: Above & Beyond

We make TCPA compliance easy with features including double opt-in security, automated opt-out functionality, and SafeSTOP, to add required opt-out messaging with one simple click.
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Which EZ Texting Plan Is Right for You?

No matter which plan you choose, EZ Texting’s reliability and expertise will be backing your school's bulk SMS services. No hidden fees. Trial for free. Cancel anytime. 


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“I like how easy it is to use EZ Texting and to get people to sign up for educational programs. We get a report about each text we send so we can see exactly how many people are looking and who is clicking on links.”

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Our Customers Love Us. The Feeling’s Mutual.

Schools are growing their businesses every day with EZ Texting.


EZ Texting


465 reviews


Student engagement at it's finest

In a technology busy world texts are read more quickly than email, especially with youth. It makes the option relevant to this day age.


Quick, easy, and accurate

I found EZ Texting very user friendly and I had no trouble creating, sending and receiving text messages, both individually and in groups. I would highly recommend this product.


Easy and Effective

I love that everyone gets their notices. People can’t hide behind “it must have gone to my spam folder!” This has helped me with getting info to parents with late notice! It’s a sure way to make sure they know what they need to do.

Powerful Features

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MMS Picture Messaging

Make your text marketing messages pop by adding pictures, GIFs, or audio and video files. MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages deliver more engagement and supersized ROI.
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The EZ Texting Mobile App

Manage your account, add contacts, and stay connected to your customers, wherever you are, by downloading the free EZ Texting iOS mobile app.
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2-Way Texting & Text-to-Landline

Our self-service 2-way messaging feature allows you to send and receive texts using your existing business phone number or a new, textable 10-digit number.
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Dedicated Short Codes

A dedicated short code is a 5- or 6-digit number that is reserved for use by one business. Dedicated short codes offer guaranteed throughput, unlimited Keywords, and low messaging fees.
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Streamline Your Workflows with Custom App Integrations

EZ Texting works closely with popular applications like Constant Contact, HubSpot, Shutterstock, and Squarespace to help you integrate texting into your campaigns with ease.

  • With our easy-to-use integrations, you can quickly sync systems to one another — without the need for a developer.
  • Automate contact management across platforms — including CRM tools, email marketing systems, and thousands of apps.
  • Integrate mass texting for schools with your current administrative and admissions workflows to be more organized, efficient, and productive.

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Learn 12 Secrets of Text Marketing

With this free ebook, you'll learn tips and tricks for growing your SMS marketing campaigns.


Frequently Asked Questions

SMS software for schools is a software platform or web-based application that allows you to send mass text messages from a textable business number. Instead of a group text in which recipients can view each other’s numbers, therefore creating privacy issues or hundreds of single texts from a personal mobile, you can use a bulk SMS service like EZ Texting to send private, personalized text messages to thousands of contacts at once. Use SMS for school admissions, event reminders, parent-teacher communication, sports team coordination, emergency alerts, and much more.

Keep your school’s communication with students and parents professional and private by using a software platform through which you can send alerts, notifications, and reminders via SMS for schools for PTAs, extracurricular clubs, athletics directors, etc. A service like EZ Texting allows you to send both bulk SMS and direct, two-way text messages to help support efficient, streamlined communication with students and parents. Simply sign up for a free trial, upload contacts that have agreed to receive text messaging, and compose your first group SMS.

The first step for setting up mass text messaging is to sign up with a bulk SMS platform. One of the continually highest rated mass text message services is EZ Texting! We have an incredible customer service track record and have guided tens of thousands of businesses through the set up process. Check out some of our Getting Started resources and utilize our ever-expanding knowledge base, full of helpful answers to all of your questions.

Since the engagement rates on text messaging are 138% higher than email, we know that texting continues to be a highly effective way to communicate at scale. Added to that, most people would like the option to receive timely notifications like alerts through text message. In fact, 9 out of 10 consumers prefer to communicate with businesses via SMS. All of this data indicates that SMS text messaging for schools is one of the best ways for educators, sports coaches, and administrators to communicate both with parents and, for high schools and secondary education institutions, with students. Whether a public elementary within a large metropolitan system or an elite private academy, principals and headmasters around the U.S. are adopting mass texting for their schools’ emergency alert system, admissions process, parent-faculty coordination, and more.


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