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Meet your customers where they are — on their phones. Increase sales and service revenue with SMS marketing for dealerships. From autos and motorcycles to RVs and boats, dealerships have a new way to drive traffic and supercharge sales.

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90% of consumers using a SMS loyalty program had a positive experience with a brand1

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67 million Americans will redeem coupons via mobile phones in 20212

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7X the response rate for texting over email3

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54% of consumers want to receive coupons, discounts, and promo codes via text4

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SMS Messaging Solutions for Dealerships

With vehicle and car dealership texting, your intent marketing will get a turbo boost. Fuel more sales, online and on the lot, and keep customers coming back for service and repairs.

  • Streamline Tasks with Marketing Automation
  • Generate Qualified Sales Leads
  • Dealer Text Solutions for Lead Nurture
  • Confirm Appointments and Reduce No-Shows
  • Automate Service Reminders and Alerts
  • Preschedule Car Sales Follow-Up Texts

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See How Texting for Dealerships Is Streamlining Marketing & Operations


Discover How Marketing for Dealerships Just Got Easier with Vehicle Dealer Text Solutions

   Generate Dealership Traffic
Promote new models, special events, and incentives that boost sales and traffic to your dealership and website.

   Grow Service Revenue
Use automated reminders to remind customers of service and maintenance appointments.

   Nurture & Convert Leads
Don’t let a qualified lead get away. Use text to engage prospects that aren’t responding to phone calls or emails.

   Alert Customers on Safety Recalls
Send time-sensitive alerts and notifications such as important safety recalls to keep customers safe and informed.

   Deploy Payment Reminders & Receipts
Keep cash flowing with automated payment reminders and receipts.

   Improve Communications
Keep your team informed, engaged, and productive with important text alerts and notifications.

   Equip Your Sales Team with Textable Numbers
Manage your text marketing strategy by inviting sales members to create an individual account ensuring safety and security.

TCPA Compliance: Above & Beyond

We make TCPA compliance easy with features including double opt-in security, automated opt-out functionality, and SafeSTOP, to add required opt-out messaging with one simple click.
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Which EZ Texting Plan Is Right for You?

No matter which plan you choose, EZ Texting’s reliability and expertise will be backing your auto, motorcycle, boat, or RV dealership. No hidden fees. Try for free. Cancel anytime.


Our Customers Love Us. The Feeling’s Mutual.

Dealerships large and small are growing their businesses every day with EZ Texting.


EZ Texting


465 reviews


Texting works. Customers respond.

The interface is intuitive. The results are undeniable. We solved the slow day issue by inviting clients to come in. Increased sales and profitability. You've got to try it. It's extremely effective.


EZ Texting is so easy to use and very inexpensive!

Mass texting is my favorite thing to do. Almost everyone reads texts as soon as they get them and I know everyone saw it! Sales are easier with EZ Texting.


Exactly what we were looking for!

The site is so easy to navigate. You can import your contacts and send group texts with no problem. If your message is too long the program lets you know that it will be sent as a SMS message.

Jann Parker

“It's a tremendous product at a great value. I love the API. I love the little web widgets. It's perfect for us. The price is good. It's very automotive friendly.”

Tim Grimes
Director of Marketing – Pappas Toyota

Powerful SMS Features

Dedicated Short Codes

Boost engagement and brand awareness with a memorable 5-6 digit textable number

Contact Management

Easily upload existing contacts then personalize, group, and segment for fast targeting

MMS Picture Messaging

Drive engagement with your own dynamic image or one of millions of free Shutterstock images

Group Texting

Message all your contacts at once, or segment into groups for quick

Two-Way Texting

Conversational texting allows for easy one-to-one connections to your customers

List Growth Tools

EZ Texting offers multiple ways to grow your opt-in list, including Keywords, QR codes, and digital sign-up
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Streamline Your Workflows with Custom App Integrations

EZ Texting works closely with popular applications like Constant Contact, HubSpot, Shutterstock, and Squarespace to help you integrate texting into your campaigns with ease.

  • With our easy-to-use integrations, you can quickly sync systems to one another — without the need for a developer.
  • Automate contact management across platforms — including CRM tools, email marketing systems, and thousands of apps.
  • Integrate SMS marketing for dealerships into current workflows for more organized, efficient, and productive operations.

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Learn How SMS Marketing for Dealerships Can Drive Sales, Traffic & Repeat Customers

Reach more customers with a proven marketing solution. Convert leads at a faster rate using dealership texting software that lets you automate tasks and switch between bulk texts and 1:1 messaging.


Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding marketing for dealerships, there are tried and true methods as well as newer digital channels that are proving efficient and affordable. Sales events are reliable ways to generate high-intent leads and stay relevant around seasons and holidays, but it’s becoming harder than ever to find cost-effective ways to drive traffic to them. With dealership marketing solutions like pay-per-click social media and display advertising, it’s easy to get lost in the noise and eat up marketing budget, and email marketing does not yield the interest it once did. However, SMS marketing for auto and vehicle dealerships pairs well with traditional print and broadcast ads, offers its own lead generation opportunities, and provides a low-pressure way to nurture sales leads.

Instead of sending individual messages to each lead, dealership texting software allows you to send messages at scale that are personalized for each recipient, like with their first name. Plus, these messages can be scheduled ahead of time using basic car sales text message templates you can save and reuse. But to really speed up the sales process, integrate a boat or car sales follow-up text into existing CRM and sales management processes. For instance, a new lead in a CRM could trigger a series of automated texts. Use our many customized app integrations — from Salesforce to Hubspot — to streamline your customer communication flows.

First of all, there may be a difference between how auto, boat, RV, or motorcycle dealerships are booking a test drive or other no-strings-attached appointment versus booking a service appointment that requires a menu of services or payment info for a reservation. Regardless, most well-known scheduling and appointment-making software can be found on Zapier — an EZ Texting integration partner — and integrated with a text messaging platform and other dealership marketing tools. For instance, customers can request a link to book an appointment to be texted to them, and your team can also automate text reminders before the appointment.

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