Text Marketing Case Studies from EZ Texting Customers

Our customer case studies demonstrate how both commercial and non-commercial organizations benefit from EZ Texting's cost-effective texting platform. Retail businesses, real estate firms, religious groups, and non-profit organizations share their experiences of using EZ Texting to drive their mobile marketing campaigns, connect with their congregations and raise awareness of community issues.

The #1 Learning from Our Case Studies

The primary takeaway from our mobile campaign case studies is that EZ Texting's platform helps extend the reach of any business or organization and gets their messages heard in a noisy direct marketing environment. The SMS marketing case studies demonstrate how EZ Texting is easy to use and inexpensive to operate, and how text marketing through our platform has high open rates and high retention levels.  

Our Marketing Solutions Can Be Scaled to Meet Your Needs

Regardless of your need for a bulk text messaging platform like EZ Texting, we recommend that you read each of our mobile marketing case studies. Every organization has diverse communication needs — even within the same sector — so there may be a use of our platform's features you had not previously considered that could work for your own business or organization whether your goal is to connect your community, streamline communication, engage your audience, or build your sales list. 

EZ Texting Customer Success Stories 

How the Town of Searcy, Arkansas, Won a Hulu Show 


How Lee & Associates WLA Earned an Additional $1M in Revenue 


How BEF's Text Campaign Restored 32M Gallons of Water

How Nielsen Benefits Group Utilizes SMS Marketing to Educate Employees

10 Inspiring Text Marketing Use Cases 

Aeroflow Medical Supplies Company Bulk SMS Notifications Case Study

Aeroflow%20healthcareMedical compliance is a challenge for many healthcare professionals. Given the number of parties involved in filling an order and the importance of speedy delivery and renewals, the process of getting patients the treatment they need has many steps. By implementing EZ Texting, Aeroflow has been able to improve the team’s efficiency, increase patient happiness, and add to the company's bottom line. 

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National Home Improvement Retail Chain Text Marketing Case Study

As a sales manager at a national home improvement retail chain, Robert was losing contact with prospects who were contacting the stores through the phone or website. These sales leads, in the market to get assistance for large projects, like roofing or flooring, can easily go cold after an initial conversation. Robert turn to EZ Texting's bulk messaging platform to send automated text-only limited-time offers. Find out how much his sales conversion rate improved. 

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Domino's Pizza of UNC Charlotte SMS Marketing Case Study

Founded in 1960, Domino's Pizza is the recognized world leader in pizza delivery operating a network of company-owned and franchise-owned stores in the United States and international markets. The Domino's Pizza Franchise at UNC-Charlotte is an EZ Texting client. Mr. Swanson’s franchise has successfully used EZ Texting to send mobile coupons to students since 2009. In early 2011, he realized that text messaging was the perfect way to promote his Facebook Group, and most importantly, sell more pizza.
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Domino's Pizza SMS Marketing Case Study

Saddleback Church Text Messaging Case Study

Saddleback Church is one of the largest and most influential churches in America. Located in Southern California, Saddleback serves the community with over five different local locations for services each week. After comparing mobile marketing solutions, Saddleback chose EZ Texting’s group text messaging platform for its low cost, and flexible, powerful API. 
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Saddleback Church Text Messaging Case Study

Viking Cooking Schools Mobile Marketing Case Study

Viking Range Corporation, a leading home appliance company, has a cooking school with 16 locations throughout the U.S. and over 70,000 students. Viking Cooking School contacted EZ Texting to implement a mobile coupons program for current and prospective students.
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Viking Cooking Schools Mobile Marketing Case Study

Students for the National Equality March Case Study

Students for the National Equality March collaborated with the NoH8 Campaign, as well as the Service Members Legal Defense Network, to create a "flash protest" to oppose the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, using the EZ Texting mobile marketing platform to organize the protest.
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Students For The National Equality March Case Study

UAS Properties Mobile Marketing Case Study

UAS Properties was founded in 2001 to develop and renovate affordable housing in Chicago and surrounding communities. EZ Texting spoke with Atukwe Newell, a senior principal of the firm, about how they're implementing the SMS platform for effective text marketing.
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UAS Properties Mobile Marketing Case Study

Water Is Basic Case Study

Water Is Basic exists to empower the local leadership in Southern Sudan to bring clean water to their own people. In Southern Sudan, about 70% of the population does not have adequate access to safe water, and partnering with EZ Texting is helping to change that. 
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Water Is Basic Case Study

Jostens Case Study

Jostens is a provider of yearbooks, class rings for various schools as well as championship rings for sports, including the Super Bowl rings. They pride themselves on helping students with their graduation needs in order to remember their high school careers for a lifetime. An EZ Texting text marketing strategy has helped them achieve this.
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SL Green Realty Mobile Marketing Case Study

SL Green Realty Corp. is a self-administered and self-managed real estate investment trust, or REIT, that predominantly acquires, owns, repositions and manages Manhattan office properties. The Company is the only publicly held REIT that specializes in this niche. As of June 30, 2008, the Company owned 30 New York City office properties totaling approximately 23,719,200 square feet, making it New York's largest office landlord.
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SL Green Realty Mobile Marketing Case Study