Case Study: Jostens Mobile Marketing

Jostens is a provider of yearbooks, class rings for various schools as well as championship rings for sports, including the Super Bowl rings. The company services high schools in particular, providing graduation items such as caps, gowns, announcements and class rings. They pride themselves on helping students with their graduation needs in order to remember their high school careers for a lifetime.

For decades, Jostens relied on direct mail and calls to students’ homes to remind them of upcoming Jostens appointments and deadlines for turning in payment, etc. But with postage costs rising and so many incorrect addresses and home phone numbers, Jostens wanted to find a way to cut costs and get responses to the students more effectively.

In mid-2008, seeing how engrained cell phones have become in everyone’s lives, Jostens saw an opportunity to streamline the process by contacting students via text messages to their cell phones for a quick, to-the-point reminder that they are sure to see.

Rick Morton, a Sales Rep in the Puyallup, WA area, had the great idea to employ this strategy. Over the summer, he brought up the idea of text messaging at a meeting amongst Seattle territory representatives, and everyone was instantly sold.

A training manager had mentioned EZ Texting, and soon over 20 reps set up individual accounts. Because EZ Texting’s price is so affordable compared to other methods used in the past, they did not feel the need to shop around.

At each school he visits, Rick conducts a meeting with the students, explaining that they will have the option to sign up for Jostens text message updates using the “diploma cards” he hands out to them.  These opt-in numbers are then uploaded into Rick’s EZ Texting account. As an added bonus, any students that signup for text alerts are automatically entered to win a FREE class ring! They are made aware that standard text messaging rates apply and there is a strict confidentially measure in place.

Jostens representatives send reminder messages the evening before they will be at the schools, letting them know when certain forms are to be handed in or payment is due. For students that use text messaging on a daily basis, they are so happy to receive the messages in a manner that speaks their language.  As a result, student turnout for deadlines is higher than ever.  This program has also given the students the ability to call the number Jostens includes on the messages to ask any questions they may have. Jostens makes a point to mention that students can “tell a friend” by forwarding the messages along to other friends that may not have signed up.  Messages are typically sent between 3:30-5pm, right after school is out but before families have dinner.

The service was extremely easy for reps to setup, as they knew exactly what to expect upon signup. EZ Texting’s message scheduling feature has made setting up campaigns a breeze, and there have never been any support issues. They have significantly cut down on direct mail, some offices even eliminating the need for it completely. Rick’s office estimates they have saved over $1000 in postage alone!Instead of sending postcards in the mail that just get lost or thrown away, they are going straight to the source – the students. By using, Jostens has increased effectiveness of communication at a fraction of the cost.