Make a Statement with
a Dedicated Short Code

A dedicated SMS short code is a 5 or 6-digit textable number that is reserved for exclusive use by your brand or campaign. Dedicated short codes offer guaranteed throughput, zero Keyword restrictions, and low messaging fees.

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What Is a Dedicated Short Code?

A dedicated texting short code is a 5- or 6-digit textable number that is reserved for exclusive use by one organization or brand. Texting short codes make your organization or brand easy to remember and, when paired with a Keyword like “LOYALTY” or “JOIN,” allow for a convenient, low-friction way to quickly grow your audience while automatically segmenting them into a group for targeted messaging at a later date.

Secure your 
Dedicated Short Code

Your code will change the way your contacts engage with your business or organization, becoming just as essential as your website or social channels.


Unlock Your Code with Keywords

With a dedicated short code, unlimited Keywords are at your disposal to power text campaigns and effortlessly segment contacts.

Your Texts Get the Right of Way

With a texting short code, your texts get placed in the fast lane at 100 messages per second. Make sure your messages arrive quickly and reliably.

The More You Send, the More You Save

Reach your contacts with low messaging fees and volume-based discounts. There’s strength (and savings) in numbers.

Types of Dedicated Texting Short Codes

Vanity Short Code

Vanity Short Code

A vanity short code is typically a memorable number, such as 858585, or one that can spell a phrase, similar to a vanity license plate. Vanity numbers are the most popular type of dedicated SMS short code. They’re easy to recall for customers after just one encounter in your marketing and advertising messages, elevating the opportunity for connection.

MMS on Phone

Random Short Code

A random dedicated short code is a number that is randomly generated — think of an average license plate. These are good for businesses that are on a budget, but still want to have a more easily identifiable textable short code to boost their text marketing campaigns.

How to Get a Dedicated Short Code

With dedicated account managers and make provisioning a new
dedicated short code for your business or campaign easy!

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Purchase Your U.S. Dedicated Texting Short Code

    Step one is to choose your dedicated texting short code from a list of available numbers. Or search to see if a number is available. Remember to choose a memorable number or one that spells out a word related to your brand or industry.

    Step 1

    Work with EZ Texting to Submit Your Short Code

    Cellular providers want to know what type of messages you plan on sending before approving your application. Our team of account managers and onboarding specialists are here to help do the heavy lifting and work with you to complete all necessary forms for approval.

    Step 2

    Your Texting Short Code Gets Provisioned

    Once we’ve secured your dedicated short code, the wireless carriers will review your program and test it to make sure all of the information on the approval form is accurate. Then they’ll issue their final approval and provide you with your exclusive dedicated short code.

    Please Note: While EZ Texting’s team provides the fastest short code approval in the industry, provisioning a short code through the carriers does take time. As long as 60 days, depending on the use case—as an example, a two-factor security use case will be provisioned and approved faster than a marketing use case. To help the process along, please respond to all related inquiries in a timely manner.

    Step 3

    Your Short Code is Certified! Launch Your Campaign!

    Once you’ve received approval from the carriers you’re ready to start using your new dedicated short code! Be sure to advertise your powerful new number across all your marketing collateral including, in-store signage, social channels, print ads, receipts, and more.

    Step 4

    Dedicated Short
    Code Pricing

    We’ll help you get started with guaranteed throughput, unlimited Keywords, credit rollover, and low messaging fees, all at competitive rates.

    Leasing Fees

    Monthly subscription that covers carrier leasing and hosting fees

    random code vanity code
    random code
    vanity code
    pricing credits


    Credits can be used to send SMS (1 credit) and MMS (3 credits) texts*

    pricing credits

    One-Time Setup

    Covers carrier app fees and services for SMS and MMS messaging**

    pricing setup

    Why Choose EZ Texting’s Short Code Service?

    We’ve helped thousands of happy customers improve their brands and customer experiences with dedicated short code texting. EZ Texting’s white glove dedicated short code service can access short codes faster than competitors with no hidden fees!

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    Dedicated Short Codes for Political Communication

    Text messaging offers a 98% open rate in a mobile-first world and is the most engaging way to get your message seen. No other channel allows direct communication at scale with such speed and efficiency, and adding a dedicated short code to your political communication strategy makes communicating with your constituents even easier.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Think of a dedicated short code like your own personal phone number for SMS marketing and two-way communication. It's a memorable 5-6 digit code that replaces longer 10-digit numbers, boosting brand recognition and customer engagement.



    The perks are plenty!

    • Higher response rates: Short codes feel more personal and trustworthy, leading to higher engagement and open rates.
    • Improved customer experience: Simplify communication with consistent, dedicated contact info. No more confusion about sender numbers!
    • Increased brand recall: Your SMS short code becomes synonymous with your brand, making every text a moment of brand connection.
    • Enhanced marketing campaigns: Run targeted SMS campaigns, collect valuable data, and personalize messages for each recipient.
    • Stronger customer relationships: Build two-way communication, nurture loyalty, and offer responsive support via SMS.



    Technically, you don’t buy a dedicated short code, but you lease it from the Short Code Registry—an entity empowered by the carriers to maintain a single database of available, reserved and registered short codes. But provisioning your short code is easier than you think! Many SMS service providers offer dedicated short code options. Simply choose a provider that suits your needs, browse available codes, and follow their acquisition process. It's often a quick and straightforward procedure. EZ Texting offers a faster setup time than competitors, allowing you to provision your short code and start sending faster.



    Costs vary depending on the provider, features, and desired volume of messages. Expect to pay a one-time setup fee and a monthly leasing fee for the code itself, plus additional charges per message sent and received. For more see our dedicated short code pricing.



    • Code memorability: Choose a code that's easy to remember and type, reflecting the essence of your brand or campaign.
    • Keyword availability: Check if your desired Keyword is available for association with your short code.
    • SMS platform compatibility: Ensure your preferred SMS platform integrates seamlessly with your chosen short code provider.
    • Message volume and budget: Estimate your monthly message volume and compare provider pricing to avoid hidden costs.



    Some of the world’s largest brands and brick-and-mortar businesses in your own backyard are all using dedicated short codes. Domino's uses theirs for pizza orders, Sephora for beauty tips, and Uber for ride updates. These brands leverage the power of texting short codes to stay connected, personalize experiences, and build strong customer relationships.



    • Promote your code actively: Make your short code visible across all signage and marketing channels.
    • Run targeted campaigns: Segment your audience and send personalized messages for maximum impact.
    • Track and analyze data: Monitor response rates, engagement metrics, and campaign performance to optimize your efforts.
    • Respond promptly and efficiently: Be there for your customers when they reach out via SMS.
    • Keep it relevant and valuable: Don't spam! Offer exclusive deals, helpful information, and engaging content.



    Absolutely. Always comply with TCPA and other regulations regarding consent, opt-outs, and message frequency. Transparency and ethical practices are key.



    If you're looking to elevate your SMS marketing, strengthen brand awareness, and build deeper customer connections, then a texting short code is an investment worth considering. Analyze your needs, budget, and long-term goals to make an informed decision.