Dedicated Short Codes

Stand out in a crowded field with one-of-a-kind dedicated short codes.

Free Yourself From Limitations

All Keywords are up for grabs with dedicated short codes!

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What Are Dedicated Short Codes?

  • Dedicated short codes are five- or six-digit numbers you can lease exclusively. 
  • You can rent a randomly generated dedicated short code or a unique “vanity” short code of your choice.
  • Facilitate Keyword campaigns by employing these easy-to-remember codes that customers can quickly text to opt in to your subscriber list.

Why SMS Is a Key Communications Channel

92 percent

of Americans own a smartphone
device with SMS capabilities

75 percent

of millennials prefer SMS
communications or deliveries,
promotions, and surveys

90 percent

of text messages are opened within
the first three minutes of receipt

Reasons to Use Dedicated Short Codes

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More Personalized

Upgrade to a vanity short code. Select a customized number that will be easiest to remember or may best represent your business.

More Choices

Win the Keyword popularity contest. No one holds a monopoly on the Keywords everyone wants to use with your own dedicated short code.

Better Branding

Optimize your branding opportunities. We offer dedicated short codes for lease that make sense for your company and brand.

Join the 160,000 customers who have used SMS marketing to connect with their audiences.