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How Text Promotions Yielded Major Results for Viking Range

The Viking Cooking School, designed with the home cook in mind, promotes a fun learning atmosphere with dedication and passion for the culinary arts — welcoming over 75,000 students of all ages.




in Added Revenue from 1 Text Promo



The Challenge: Re-Engage Past Students and Retain Current Ones

With so many students having already taken classes, the school contacted EZ Texting to pilot a coupon program to further incentivize current and prospective customers. Plus, the cooking school administrators needed a better way to connect instructors with students and communicate with their staff internally.

The Solution

The Ridgeland, MS, school sent email subscribers a message with a customized web widget and specific Keyword for opting in to text marketing campaigns. As a bonus, subscribers received exclusive benefits.

The school further benefited by segmenting Contacts into multiple Groups (members, instructors, and other staff) for the most efficient and effective communications.

The Results

The school reviewed their class lists every week and texted alerts to boost attendance in any low-enrollment classes. One such text filled eight spots, valued at $79 each — resulting in over $600 in additional revenue. The price of that text? Less than $15 to send.

Since working with EZ Texting, the school has continued to expand and added an additional location.