UAS Properties Mobile Marketing Case Study

UAS Properties was founded in 2001 to develop and renovate affordable housing in Chicago and surrounding communities. UAS Properties has assembled a highly qualified team of management professionals with experience in the maintenance, operation, management of market rate, affordable and condominium housing. EZ Texting spoke with Atukwe Newell, a senior principal of the firm.

The majority of UAS’s time is spent managing over 800 rental properties, which includes keeping up and renovating units, collecting rent payments, etc. They also receive over 150 calls daily from potential renters looking for housing availabilities. Both aspects of their business require contacting a large number of people with time-sensitive information.

When personal phone calls became too time consuming and costly to be effective in maintaining demand, UAS turned to EZ Texting for both their property management and leasing business needs.

1) Property Management:
With over 800 units to manage and collect rent from each month, UAS often has a lot of late payments, especially in this tough economy. Using an advanced CRM software to pull reports, UAS sends their first rent collection text messages on the 5th of the month. This not only helps to alert each household that they need to take action, but also gives them a number to call to make an automatic payment within minutes. UAS used to make personal phone calls and send snail mail; however, since using EZ Texting, Newell says that “communicating with all these people in any other way would be impractical.”

2) Leasing side: Over 150 people call UAS daily inquiring about apartment availabilities. Depending on what they are qualified for, UAS will show them a number of open units to consider. If none of those are a fit, these potential renters give UAS permission to send them SMS updates with new listings that fit what they are looking for. On a daily basis, often during lunchtime when the phones die down, UAS will send text messages to qualified buyers about any price reductions, new listings, etc. People can opt-out anytime, and UAS automatically stops contacting them after 60 days. SMS serves as the only form of communication with these potential buyers for that 60 day period.

On the property management side, Newell estimates that they save $140,000 per year by not having an internal collection agency. Instead, for less than $100 per month, UAS texts each of their delinquent renters with a single click. And in respect to the leasing side of his business, Newell says that just minutes after sending their new rental listings, their phones pick up for at least 30 minutes with interested leads. With the money and time saved using EZ Texting, the service is an integral component to UAS Properties’ daily operations and marketing.