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How a Medical Equipment Provider Used Patient Notifications to Up Sales

Physicians and patients trust Aeroflow Healthcare as a premier provider of durable medical equipment (DME).

With personalized customer care and service, Aeroflow guides its customers through uploading prescriptions, verifying insurance coverage, and facilitating renewals to obtain vital supplies.


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The Challenge: Facilitate Medical Compliance With Timely Patient Reminders

Medical compliance presents challenges — it’s estimated that less than 50% of U.S. patients comply with long-term medication therapy. Patients often do not take meds as directed and many forget to replace devices vital to their health. Reminders and easy reordering systems are critical but ripe with operational hurdles.

EZ Texting has been a vital part of Aeroflow's business growth. By using text communications to connect with patients, we see greater business efficiency, happier patients, and top-line improvements.

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The Solution

Acting as a liaison — and continually calling patients, doctors, and insurance providers — had proved inefficient and administratively costly. Employing automated bulk text messaging saved both time and money. With a robust API, EZ Texting’s platform is flexible enough to keep Aeroflow’s customer data tightly linked across systems to optimize productivity.

The Results

Aeroflow improved efficiency, increased customer satisfaction, and boosted net revenue gains. They maximized productivity while minimizing overhead.

With SMS solutions, Aeroflow ensures their patients get their medical needs met faster — expediting verification requests, renewal reminders, and order confirmations with text messaging automation .