Aeroflow Healthcare Delivers Business Growth Through Text Communications

Medical compliance is a challenge for many healthcare professionals. Often, patients do not take their medication as directed or do not replace devices as needed. In fact, it’s estimated that the compliance rate of long-term medication therapy in the U.S. is less than 50%. Although replacing medical healthcare-marketing-solutions-text-marketingdevices as directed by a physician may be vital to a patient’s health, they don’t always remember to order equipment in time. To improve patient compliance, reminders and easy reordering systems are critical.  

Aeroflow Healthcare is focused on providing patients with a variety of high-quality, affordable medical supplies such as respiratory equipment, home oxygen, and mobility devices. Given that durable medical equipment is prescribed by a doctor, the team is tasked with helping patients navigate the entire process — from uploading their prescriptions to verifying insurance coverage and completing paperwork. Once the patient submits an initial order, the team will also follow up on the back end, reconnecting with existing patients to let them know when they are due for equipment renewals.

The Challenge: Timely Patient Reminders

Given the number of parties involved in filling an order and the importance of speedy delivery and renewals, the process of getting patients the treatment they need has many steps. For Aeroflow, this created significant operational hurdles. Increasingly, employees found that their days were consumed by making phone calls and waiting for calls to be returned. Acting as a liaison between patients, doctors, and insurance providers made it hard to complete the rest of their workload.

As the business continued to grow, Aeroflow realized that to maximize productivity for the team while still providing patients with world-class service, they would need to employ automation to scale delivery.

The Text Marketing Solution for Aeroflow 

To simplify processes and save on administrative costs, the team decided to use a text messaging software platform to communicate with patients, selecting EZ Texting, a lightweight communication tool with easy contact uploading capabilities. Aeroflow loved that the platform could be used immediately — it is so intuitive that the team could pick it up quickly and does not require any complex integrations to fit into existing work streams. EZ Texting also offers a robust API, making it flexible enough to connect to Aeroflow’s automated dialing system and keep all customer data tightly linked across systems.

"EZ Texting has been a vital part of Aeroflow's business growth. By using text communications to connect with patients, we see greater business efficiency, happier patients, and top-line improvements!" 

-Manager, Aeroflow Healthcare

How Aeroflow Boosts Sales and Customer Satisfaction at the Same Time 

By implementing EZ Texting, Aeroflow has been able to improve the team’s efficiency, increase patient happiness, and add to the company's bottom line. After automating verification requests, renewal reminders, and order confirmations, Aeroflow employees have gotten back the time they needed to complete other tasks. Additionally, since patients look at texts far faster than they listen to voicemails or return calls, these text reminders also accelerate time-to-delivery, helping patients to get their medical needs met faster. As a result of both these changes, Aeroflow has been able to deliver more supplies faster, resulting in net revenue gains.

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