Big Brother Big Sister Foundation Uses Text Marketing to Increase Donations

Like most nonprofits, the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation (BBBSF) is always looking for more ways to incorporate automation into their business. This allows them to do more with less, which helps increase donation volume despite limited resources and funding. By finding ways to create efficiency, BBBSF is able to mobilize communities and make it easy for donors to contribute, which ultimately helps secure the necessary funds needed to support high-impact youth mentorship programs.  


This Nonprofit Director's Challenge: Mobilize the Donor Community 

Big Brother Big Sister Foundation (BBBSF) Executive Director, Steven Beck, is responsible for sourcing the funding needed to deliver on critical mentorship programs to give children facing adversity the same opportunities as their peers. To drive the organization’s mission and secure funds, Steven heavily relies on community outreach to gather donations, which are then sold and turned into cash.

To provide maximum funds for mentorship programs, Steven must keep his business lean. His goal is to secure as many high-quality donations as possible and to minimize the operational cost of picking up these donations to turn them into cash. In order to achieve these two goals, powerful donor outreach programs and streamlined logistics are essential.

On the outreach side, email campaigns proved somewhat effective, but with open rates of less than 20%, Steven felt he wasn’t doing all he could to mobilize the donor community. Additionally, on the operational side, logistics were challenging as well as time-consuming for Steven and his team. Piecemeal communications resulted in frequent last-minute scheduling changes, making it hard to schedule an efficient pickup route.

EZ Texting makes messaging easy to use, easy to train on and has a high return on investment. It presents a new means by which we communicate with our growing segment of our 200K strong donor base. Great stuff, I highly recommend the platform!”

-Steven Beck, Executive Director, Big Brother Big Sister Foundation

The Nonprofit Mass Texting Solution for BBSF 

To reduce administrative costs and streamline processes, Steven felt his team would benefit from using text messaging software to communicate with potential donors. He chose to use EZ Texting, a lightweight communication tool that easily integrates with his foundation’s existing workstreams.

In order to make it easy for interested donors to get involved in the program, Steven implemented the keyword “PICKUP” to enable donors to indicate when they had items to donate as well as schedule their pickup date and time. This saved his team time on the front end and improved efficiency, where his drivers were able to outline their preliminary routes, saving time and resources.

How BBSF Increased Donations Using Text Marketing

EZ Texting’s communication platform has enabled Steven and his team to increase donation volume and efficiency. Since text open rates are 6X greater than email open rates, donors receiving text outreach have proved more likely to see and respond to text communications, resulting in higher donation volume.

Additionally, BBBSF estimates saving $200K in 2019; with less time spent coordinating donations and smoother logistics, the foundation can now turn donation items into cash at a faster rate. Best of all, the additional donations translate directly into more resources for children and that need them most. 

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