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Mortgage Officer at Axia Home Loans Uses EZ Texting to Build a Referral Network.

Founded in 2007, Axia Home Loans provides sustainable homeownership through responsible and ethical lending. Patrick Lewis is a sales manager and mortgage planning specialist with the loan originator and provides homeowners and homebuyers with mortgage refinancing and lending options.


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The Challenge: A Decline in Email Engagement

Like many loan officers, referrals are Patrick’s primary lead source, making cultivating and maintaining relationships essential to his success. For many years, Patrick used email to stay top of mind with his referral network, and to measure his performance, he monitored email open rates. Over time he saw them decline significantly across all referral sources.

Using EZ Texting lets me connect with the right person at the right time. The tracking tool is awesome, making it clear that people review texts way faster than email!

Patrick Lewis, Sales - Axia Home Loans

The Solution

Digging deeper, Patrick discovered that the issue was that his audience had stopped reading emails and sharing content this way, so it was no longer useful for strengthening connections. Given the popularity of text messaging, Patrick felt he could gain considerably more visibility by sharing content via text. He chose EZ Texting because of its powerful reporting and segmentation capabilities.

The Result

By switching from email to text communications, Patrick has been able to build deeper connections within his existing network. The content he shares is viewed more frequently, and his messages are perceived as more personalized than ever before, helping him to gain more leads and close more new business.