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How Five Tier, Inc. Connects with 95% of End Customers in Less than 3 Minutes

Based in New York City, Five Tier is the world’s leading Connected Media platform solution. Their customers grow their business from trackable media placements through sale and retention optimization.


ROI Using Text Campaigns


Text Messages Read Within 3 Minutes


Decrease in Cost Per Lead

The Challenge

Part of providing better quality leads and enhancing the customer experience includes being able to directly access and quickly connect with end customers. Five Tier faced challenges on this front due to email communications getting lost in inboxes, which would go unread and unanswered for many days. On average, any given person receives more than 120 emails per day.

With low conversion rates and slower response times, Five Tier needed to think about a different way to connect with the end customer quickly and effectively.

The value of the EZ Texting product is affordability and ease of use, while our customers have the ability to convert their customers more quickly with more information at their fingertips.

Frank O'Brien, Founder & CEO – Five Tier

The Solution

Five Tier partnered with EZ Texting to help their clients directly connect with end customers, putting them on a path to purchase a product or service. Since the implementation of EZ Texing’s solution, Five Tier was able to quickly capture direct responses and new insights with end customers faster than any other marketing channel.

EZ Texting made the adoption of text message marketing and Keywords as a marketing tool at scale easy, which helped enrich data that Five Tier was capturing, driving qualified leads that turned into revenue. This marketing strategy instantly increased conversion. With EZ Texting’s Keyword lookup tool and inbound capabilities, Five Tier saw immediate results and delivered for their customers at scale.

The Results

Five Tier customers currently utilize text message marketing to drive conversion and sales. As a result, Five Tier has seen 10x ROI from text campaigns for their customers. And when an end customer sends a text, Five Tier knows which customer is interested at exactly what time, which creates an optimized lead.

A key contributor to Five Tier’s successful use of text message marketing in partnership with EZ Texting is their deep commitment to a fully connected media experience. In addition, Five Tier set up marketing workflows using the EZ Texting API that helps drive automation and data capture at every step of their customer journey. The output was, in some cases, a 67% decrease in cost per lead, displaying the value of EZ Texting’s partnership with text marketing.