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How an Energy Consultancy Used Text Alerts to Save Customers Over 875M kWh

Enpowered Solutions, a leading energy consultancy, works with many firms in the industrial sector, where electricity consumption often runs particularly high.

Headquartered in Irvine, CA, the company holds regional offices throughout North America — and provides services that improve facility performance and unlock the value of enhanced energy systems.


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The Challenge: Accurate Forecasting and Timely Notifications

Historically, energy usage often posed complications: Costs fluctuated significantly, hindering accurate forecasting. But at least companies maintained some control with defined demand peaks — unlike today’s real-time, demand-based pricing. Unable to offer consistent fee schedules, creating new methodologies to conserve costs is more critical than ever.​​​​​

I needed a quick and reliable solution that would allow me to communicate time-sensitive information. I love the fact that EZ Texting's messages are sent instantly without any delays.

Graeme Cox, Business Development Manager – Enpowered Solutions

The Solution

Enpowered Solutions turned to SMS alerts to provide up-to-the-minute information on peak demand and energy pricing. Clients can now appropriately adjust usage via direct, real-time text alerts delivered to facility managers, engineers, and others on production floors. EZ Texting’s Contacts Segmentation feature further boosts automation by simultaneously messaging multiple firms and grouping customers based on locations.

The Results

With EZ Texting, Enpowered Solutions offers reliable, real-time, mobile alerts — enhancing the ability to adjust energy usage, forecast accurate costs, and lower operating costs. Additionally, when demand peaks in particular areas, Enpowered Solutions seamlessly notifies customers via text messages using location-segmented subscriber lists.