Enpowered Solutions Helps Clients Reduce Energy Costs With Real-Time Mobile Notifications

Enpowered Solutions is an energy consultancy that works with many firms in the industrial sector, where electricity consumption tends to be particularly high. When the company noticEnpowered-Solutions-Logoed many of its clients struggling to get ahead of pricing fluctuations, it looked for a solution that would allow them to be immediately alert to rising costs so that they could adjust energy usage accordingly. Enpowered Solutions uses mobile alerts to help its customers reduce energy usage and lower operating costs.

The Challenge: Accurate Forecasting and Timely Notifications

As a business expense, energy usage has always been complicated — costs fluctuate significantly, and accurate forecasting is difficult. Historically, companies have had at least some control because demand peaks were defined, allowing them to limit their use of electricity during more expensive times of the day. Today, however, real-time, demand-based pricing means the cost of running a piece of machinery can vary by hour. Without a consistent fee schedule, businesses are unclear on how to best conserve costs.  ​​​​​​

The Text Notification Solution for Enpowered

To provide clients with up-to-the-minute information on peak demand and energy pricing, Enpowered Solutions tried several text messaging services, but it struggled to find one that offered reliable delivery of information in real-time. Fortunately, they eventually discovered EZ Texting’s business texting platform, which meets all of their business requirements. 

“I needed a quick and reliable solution that would allow me to communicate time-sensitive information. I love the fact that EZ Texting’s messages are sent instantly without any delays.”

—Graeme Cox, Sales, Enpowered Solutions

EZ Texting offers a lightweight notification system that is easy-to-use, reliable, and designed for real-time communications. Mobile delivery is also critical because in order to adjust electricity usage in real-time, alerts must be sent to employees working directly on the production floor, such as facility managers or engineers. Additionally, Enpowered Solutions appreciates EZ Texting’s customer segmentation features as they need to send messages to multiple firms simultaneously and to group customers based on their locations. 

How Enpowered Solutions Has Saved Its Customers Over 875M kWh

By using EZ Texting, Enpowered Solutions is able to offer reliable, real-time, mobile alerts to its customers as well as group customers by location so that when demand peaks in a particular area, the company can instantly notify all those impacted. This has been a huge hit with clients, who now have much faster access to the information they need to adjust energy usage, forecast costs accurately and save money. 

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