Brian's Place Restaurant Case Study

Like many other small business owners, Brian Alvarez, owner of Brian’s Place restaurant has the challenge of learning to market his business and run it at the same time. Over the years of trying new marketing tactics, Brian has found that texting is one of the most effective ways to get the word out about his business.

Brian's Place Logo

How He Attracts Interest

Brian has created interest in his texting program by branding it as the VIP program - making customers feel valued and letting them know they will be getting something special! Through trial and error he’s found a mix of messages that help him with a variety of things in the restaurant.


Brian uses coupons and special offers to drive foot traffic on light days of the week or the slow season. For example, he’ll offer a $5 off coupon for guests that come in midweek, which is when it is typically slower. The coupon will require a minimum purchase so they aren’t losing money on the transactions. The coupons are only available through the texting campaign, which gives customers an incentive to join his VIP program. This type of coupon has been very successful for Brian’s Place, because 40-70 people use the coupon each week!

Catch of the Week

Brian’s Place serves a special fish catch of the week occasionally. Whenever this happens, he takes advantage of EZ Texting’s MMS (picture) messaging and will send an image of the special fish catch of the week out to his customers. This message has been a hit with his customers! It really grabs their attention! He will sell out of the catch of the week three times faster when he sends out a message to his VIP customers.

Special Events

Brian’s restaurant will have regular special events and he uses the text program to get the word out to his customers. He will send out a message the week of the event, “Come out to Brian’s Place this Saturday from 6pm to 9pm for live music!” Brian always sends messages on the same day, but the variety of messages helps build anticipation and excitement! He wants his customer so wonder, “What will Brian’s Place send us this week?” He also cross-promotes his VIP program on all of his marketing efforts and on his website. Brian has always tried to be creative and unique and EZ Texting has really allowed him to be unique and bring customers into his restaurant!

Your restaurant can also benefit from having a text marketing program to connect with your customers! If you’re ready to get started EZ Texting Customer Support Managers are ready to assist. Give us a call at 800-753-5732!