National Home Improvement Retailer's Sales Manager Reengages Leads With Text Marketing

If you have ever been tasked with selling a product or service, you know that turning a prospect into a customer is one of the most difficult parts of the job. With 76% of sales emails left unopened and an average of 18 phone calls required to connect with a buyer, salespeople are often left frustrated by former hot leads turned cold. Yet, for the most motivated of the bunch, ice cold leads can represent an opportunity to generate new business.


This Sales Manager's Challenge: Dead Sales Leads

Robert Love is a Market Sales Manager at a large home improvement retailer who supervises a sales team focused on working with customers interested in larger home improvement projects; for example, new roofing, flooring, or window installations. Most of Robert’s leads begin in the ‘warm’ stage. They reach out either in-person or through the company’s website and are looking to learn more about installation services or schedule a free in-home consultation. Robert and his team are then responsible for contacting these leads, scheduling a consultation, providing an estimate, and closing the sale.

How to Turn Lukewarm Prospects into Hot Ones

Sometimes, a customer will begin to engage with Robert and his team, but stop responding to emails and phone calls midway through the process. Yet, despite their lack of immediate interest, Robert knows that some of these leads are not truly dead and have the potential to convert into a sale. Since Robert felt that reengaging these prospects could have a significant impact on his team’s close rate and help them reach their revenue goals, he was motivated to find a way to reconnect. To make it happen without diverting sales resources, Robert needed an automated solution that would allow him to reach out to a large number of leads quickly, but in a way that would feel personalized and drive results.

“I was excited enough about text marketing that I initially paid for EZ Texting out of my own pocket to prove that it could work. The investment was definitely worth it- I reached out to 40 leads and more than half responded!"

— Robert Love, Market Sales Manager, Lowe's 

Why Automated Text Marketing Saved Robert Time and Money

When reaching out to dead leads, the sales investment should be relatively small as the chances of conversion are significantly lower than they would be with a hot new lead. Additionally, much like reaching out to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, a successful reconnection with a cold prospect needs to be as low-pressure as possible. To minimize pressure and limit sales overhead, Robert decided to use text messaging to re-engage with would-be buyers. To entice them back into the sales funnel, he used MMS marketing to send out time-limited promotions that would encourage leads to act quickly. It also allowed for prospects to reach out directly to Robert and inquire about next steps. Quote from Robert: “I was excited enough about text marketing that I initially paid for EZ Texting out of my own pocket to prove that it could work. The investment was definitely worth it — I reached out to 40 leads and more than half responded!

MMS Marketing Gets Results and Increases Sales Conversions

Through EZ Texting, Robert got more than 50% of his ‘dead’ leads to engage with him and closed $97K in new business. Within just one month, he was able to increase his sales conversion rate by 6%. Now, he recommends EZ Texting to his entire sales team as well as other Market Sales Managers. If you’re ready to get started, EZ Texting Customer Support Managers are ready to assist. Give us a call at 800-753-5732! Or sign up for a free trial today.