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How a Big-Box Home Improvement Retailer Sales Manager Drove Up $97K in New Sales

Founded in 1921, this retail chain grew from its original North Carolina storefront to become the second largest hardware chain in the world.

Robert Love, a Market Sales Manager for a national home improvement retail chain, supervises a sales team focused on customers planning large-scale home improvement projects like new roofing, flooring, or window installations.


Of Leads Replied Through SMS


In New Sales


Increase In Sales Close Rate

The Challenge: Revitalizing Sales Leads That Have Gone Cold

Turning prospects into buyers is the primary goal of any sales funnel, but large-scale home improvement items may require extra time. In the process, leads can grow cold. Love wanted to revitalize former interest by reengaging prospects — but without the inefficiency and drain on resources from numerous phone calls and emails (over 76% remain unopened).

I was excited enough about text marketing that I initially paid for EZ Texting out of my own pocket to prove that it could work. The investment was definitely worth it — I reached out to 40 leads and more than half responded!

Robert Love, Market Sales Manager – National Home Improvement Retailer

The Solution

Text messaging can target numerous older leads quickly and effectively with personalized blasts delivered straight to mobile devices, where open rates hover at 98%. The Market Sales Manager kept his upsell low-pressure and minimized sales overhead. MMS messages further boosted revenue via attention-grabbing, time-sensitive promotions and streamlining communication channels with Love’s team.

The Results

Love more than doubled engagement with his dead leads, closing $97K in new business. Within a single month, his sales conversion rate increased by 6%, and he now recommends EZ Texting to his entire sales team as well as other Market Sales Managers.

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