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How an Auto Auction House Boosted Profits in a Competitive Field

Auction Broadcasting Company acts as an independently owned and operated auto auction company with numerous locations throughout the United States.

They assist dealers, manufacturers, captive finance companies, and leasing companies with innovative options for remarketing and liquidating used vehicles.




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The Challenge: Streamline Dated and Ineffectual Marketing Campaigns

As their primary business focuses on closed auctions and helping sellers move inventory quickly, the auto auction company hosts two sales per week, the largest being a dealer-only auction. Atlanta Marketing Director Jackie Calvert wanted to reinvigorate marketing strategies that would make ABC more competitive with other auto auctions in the area and 5-7 buyers at each of the roughly 3,300 nearby dealers. In the past, the auctioneer employed telemarketers and sent faxes to thousands.

The Solution

Calvert uploaded all opted-in contacts to her subscriber list, segmenting them into two groups: independent dealers and franchises. With one click, she blasts out thousands of alerts and announcements — like how many cars will be auctioned off in the upcoming week, special payment promotions, giveaways, and other incentives.

She can track engagement on any accompanying links and be assured of receipt via EZ Texting’s delivery reports. With MMS messaging, she could further appeal to buyers with vehicle photos. SMS marketing also offers her greater accessibility to buyers because she can easily respond to any questions they may have prior to the auction.

The Results

By engaging with buyers through text messaging, attendance (and sales) increased. Additionally, buyers are assured of fast response times when communicating with the auction house, thanks to EZ Texting’s 1:1 messaging functionality — further augmenting customer retention of both small, independent dealers and large franchises.

Calvert reduced time expenditure and overall marketing expenses, saving the company money previously spent on inefficient, dated methods.