A key customer acquisition tool when launching your SMS marketing strategy.

Keywords are like not-so-secret passwords for customers to gain entry into your subscriber list. Subscribers opt in for promos and updates — and you develop a valuable database.

What exactly is a Keyword? You’ll see them in ads, like “Text JOIN to 322-322-2222.” Here, JOIN is the Keyword. Once subscribers join, you now have an engaged, opted-in marketing list to whom you can regularly send targeted notifications and promotions.


What Are SMS Keywords? 

  • A Keyword is a unique term (composed of letters and/or numbers) that customers use to join subscriber lists — and businesses employ to boost opt-ins.
  • Using Keyword campaigns, you can sort contacts into more manageable, targeted categories based on Keywords they text to your number.


Unlock the Power of Keyword Text Marketing Campaigns

More Subscribers

Attention-grabbing passwords translate into higher opt-in rates. A memorable Keyword makes it easy for your audience to subscribe to your text messages.

More Engagement

Select relevant, on-brand-keywords to optimize growth. Impressions count! Keep Keywords on-rand and related to your business.

Better Customer Segmentation

Create multiple Keywords to categorize opt-ins. Automatically organize subscribers via selected Keywords based on interests, locations, and more.