Texting for Human Resources & Employee Operations

From 2-way employee messaging to critical text alerts, SMS is the secret weapon powering employee operations for companies large and small.

How Can Text Marketing Help Your Business?

Notify & Alert Employees

Keep staff safe and informed, from SMS alerts like office closures to general notifications like open enrollment, using an employee texting system.

Recruit New Employees

SMS for Human Resources attracts more qualified applicants. Open the tap on talent acquisition with text keyword campaigns and use 1:1 messaging to streamline candidate follow up.

Streamline Onboarding

Move new hires through the process more efficiently with automated drip campaign reminders, employee text alerts for required paperwork, and trackable links to HR information packets.

Staff Scheduling

Effortlessly fill open shifts and routes with mass text notification system and 1:1 messaging. Support workplace messaging and texting to more conveniently connect a mobile workforce.

Dispatch Employees

Simplify ops with an employee communication solution for dispatching daily assignments. Use pre-scheduled texts to send at convenient times and immediate SMS alerts for job updates.

Simplify Internal Workflows

Reduce Human Resource’s need to send repetitive emails for timecards and expense reports by sending automated SMS reminders via an employee texting system.

Text for Employee Operations, by the Numbers

Get Paid

Increase Your Visibility

98% of text alerts are open and read.


Incite a Response

90% of people respond to a text within 30 min.1


Appeal to New Hires

75% of millennials prefer SMS for notifications.2

Highlighted Industries

Retail & Ecommerce

Become a referral machine and streamline onboarding with text marketing.


Revolutionize your recruitment strategies with the power of text marketing.


Recruit more volunteers and streamline communications with text marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions


Setting up a new texting account for customer service is easy and doesn’t differ from setting up any other text marketing account. It’s how you’ll use the available tools to improve your customer service that matters. EZ texting offers two-way texting, which will help grow your business by making yourself available for incoming texts and by allowing for more personal relationship building with customers and clients. EZ Texting also offers a mobile app, which will allow you to respond to two-way messages from anywhere, as well as scheduling tools and seamless integrations with a number of powerful platforms that can further help you to automate and streamline your customer service. EZ Texting multiple price points to fit any budget. Learn more about EZ Texting pricing or get started with a free trial now!



Text is a permissions based activity, which means everyone you plan to text needs to opt in to your text list, employees included, but it’s easy to advertise your new text-enabled capabilities to your employees. Add opt-in opportunities like a QR code or a Sign-Up Form to company wide emails or your intranet, as well as signage throughout the office, including in break rooms. You can also create Keywords (such as “HR” or “Delivery”) to segment your employees into different lists you can message at separate times.



It’s always important to remember that text is a permissions based activity, which means everyone you plan to text needs to opt in to your text list. It may sound scary, but it’s no different than email. So “SMS consent” is simply gaining the pre-approval of a customer, client, or employee — anyone you want to send messages to — to send them your text messaging. EZ Texting offers multiple ways to grow your opt-in list including Keywords, QR codes, and embeddable digital Sign-Up Forms.



Getting set up to send text notifications is a breeze. You can start a free trial now or visit our pricing page, where we offer powerful options for any budget. Once you have your text platform, you need to build a list of opted-in customers or employees to send notifications to. This can be accomplished in multiple ways, including pairing Keywords and a textable number (a la Text “TRY” to 858585), QR codes, and embeddable digital Sign-Up Forms. Once you have your contacts sorted, it’s about as simple as writing an email. Choose your audience, add personalization features if you like, keep aligned to some best practices, check your spelling, and hit send.



Mass texting (or bulk texting) is the bread and butter of text platforms. If you know how to write an email, you’ll quickly find your way around a text platform. Before you send any messages you will need a list of recipients who have opted in to receive your messages, just like email. Once you have your contacts installed you simply choose the message type you want to send - a two-way message or a bulk message - then type your message as you would an email. There are some quick tips for composing a good text message, and for more insight watch our video on sending your first message.


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