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Reasons to Have Human Supervision of Your AI Text Message Generator

Don’t let your AI text generators go rogue—Find out the importance of human supervision when producing AI-generated marketing copy.

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May 22, 2024
Chloe Mulliner
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The onset of AI text message generators opens up many new business opportunities, allowing them to do more with their marketing strategies.

However, if you’re unfamiliar with AI message generators, let’s back up a minute. What exactly is an AI text generator?

An AI text generator refers to natural language processing software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to produce copy, such as articles, blogs, social media posts, and text messages. In short, you provide the AI typing generator with instructions, and the software outputs a variety of content suggestions that align with your prompt.

For example, you could create a prompt that requests the AI text message generator to produce an SMS text announcing an upcoming event or advertising a big sale your business is hosting. Or, you could set up a chatbox to reply to your customer’s inquiries in real-time, creating an automated customer service experience.

This kind of artificial intelligence technology offers many benefits, as it can help your business brainstorm new ideas, craft copy quickly and efficiently, and enhance customer engagement. However, it still requires human management for many reasons.

Reasons to Have Human Supervision of Your AI Text Message Generator

Unfortunately, we’re not at the point where we can let AI online text generators operate on their own without human intervention. Due to several factors, such as the potential for misinformation, plagiarism, and offensive language, human review is necessary to prevent issues that could negatively impact or interfere with your business.

Because human review is so crucial, in our guide below, we’ll review some of the main reasons why it’s important to have humans monitor and review the software and its output. We’ll discuss some risks associated with unmonitored AI text, the benefits of having humans review the copy, and the best practices for implementing a quality assurance team.


The Importance of Human Supervision of AI Text Message Generators

You wouldn’t let someone unfamiliar with your business, products, and style guide write your marketing copy without reviewing the content first, so why would you let an AI text generator produce content without your approval?

Undoubtedly, AI typing generators are powerful tools that can enhance your business, but they still have a lot of learning to do. For instance, the software might not understand the tone of voice in which you like to address your customers or realize that there are certain words you legally can’t use when discussing your products. Now, if you were to send marketing content off to your customers without reviewing it first, you could, at best, confuse your customers or, worse, face legal ramifications.

So, you’re probably asking yourself why I need human edits on my AI text message generator. You need human supervision of your AI text message generator because it helps catch things that this technology may overlook or not understand. Even if the conversational AI copy is factual and grammatically correct, there may still be issues with the text that only a human could pinpoint and revise.

Risks of Not Having Human Supervision of AI Text Message Generators

Some issues could arise from not implementing human quality control over your AI text generators.

What are some risks of not having human supervision of your AI text message generator? Some chances of not having a human direction of your AI text message generator include producing or implementing inaccurate information, offensive messages, spammy content, and illegal practices.

Inaccurate Information

Unlike your human team members who know your products and services like the back of their hands, this AI technology only knows what information you provide and what it can scrape from the internet. Yes, it uses machine learning to develop and adapt, but there’s only so much it can extrapolate given the available information. Because of this, it’s only natural for the AI text generator to produce text that doesn’t tell the whole story or accidentally relays false information.

Offensive Messages

As advanced and human-like as their responses may be, we mustn’t forget this technology isn’t human. It isn’t a sentient being with thoughts and feelings and doesn’t know right from wrong. Therefore, it would be pretty easy for this artificial intelligence software to unintentionally generate a message that might be offensive or pick up harmful language, as it doesn’t have the parameters to understand the intent or implications of certain words and phrases.

Spammy Marketing

You and I know the telltale signs of spammy messages. You know, entire sentences are written in capital letters, excessive exclamations, and overuse of salesy language like “FREE!” and “100% OFF.” But an AI text message generator? Not so much. And when you think of how much spammy marketing is out there, it would be surprisingly easy for AI software to pick up on it and integrate it into its outputs.

Illegal Practices

There are some ethical considerations regarding using AI online text generators, too. For instance, AI text generators are raising questions (and concerns) over copyright laws. After all, these machines use already published works to influence their outputs, so where do we draw the line between new and plagiarized content? Because of this, human review is necessary to ensure the output isn’t copied material.

Another facet of illegal practices involves data and security. Your AI text generator may have access to sensitive customer data or proprietary information that could cause legal or even safety implications if it were accidentally leaked in AI-generated content. However, if a human were to review the copy, it would hopefully be an easy catch.

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Benefits of Having Human Supervision of AI Text Message Generators

With a better understanding of some of the risks, you’re probably wondering, what are some benefits of having human management of your AI text message generator? Some benefits of having human supervision of your AI text message generator include more accurate messages, appropriate communication, legal compliance, and personalized touches.

Accurate Messages

There’s no point in using text generator AI content if it spits inaccurate information. This is why it’s crucial to have human editing available to increase accuracy. In this case, the human can edit the message or rewrite the prompt so that the output doesn’t inadvertently spread misinformation.

Appropriate Communication

You don’t want your messages to offend your customers. After all, one inappropriate or offensive message could destroy your brand’s reputation. So, that’s where a human’s touch can help. For instance, a human can soften a message, clarify sarcasm, and remove offensive phrasing to ensure the message is customer-friendly 100% of the time.

Legal Compliance

While there is still some uncertainty around this technology's legal and ethical implications, human reviewing can help prevent this software from delivering plagiarized content. For example, humans can run the copy through plagiarism checkers to determine if the text is too closely aligned with something already published. Furthermore, humans can scan the AI copy for anything that may compromise or go against your company’s legal or safety guidelines.

Personalized Touch

No matter how you slice it, AI text generators are still robots, meaning you might need a human to add personalization to your content. Having a human oversee the AI-generated copy can make it more human. After all, a human can inject some color or flair into the text or add some language that aligns with your brand’s voice to make it more genuine.

Implementing Human Supervision of AI Text Message Generator

We’ve covered the risks and the benefits of this kind of technology, but how can you implement human review of AI text message generators? You can enforce human supervision of AI text message generators in a few ways, such as by creating a team of human reviews, incorporating machine learning algorithms, and combining these two tactics.

A Team of Human Reviewers

By now, you realize the importance of humans when using AI text message generators, so it’s time to assemble your team if you already have one. It’s up to you how you implement this strategy. For instance, you might want to have a few team members dedicated to reviewing the instructions and adjusting them to get the best output. Then, you can have other team members who focus on reviewing and editing the text generator AI copy for things like grammar mistakes, misinformation, spammy language, legal compliance, and plagiarism.

Machine Learning Algorithm to Flag Text

There are also machine learning algorithms that you can set to flag text for certain words or phrases, which can further help you monitor your copy. Let’s say your company sells health supplements, but there’s a long list of words you’re legally not allowed to associate with your product. In this case, you could use machine learning algorithms to automatically scan your AI-generated copy for any instances of those words.

A Combination of the Two

The best approach is to use a combination of these two strategies. You could first run the machine learning algorithms and then have your human team review whatever text it has flagged. Or, you could do it in reverse—have your human team edit and review the AI copy and then have the machine learning software do another sweep to ensure nothing your team missed. Neither humans nor software are perfect 100% of the time, but running them together can improve your odds of perfecting your copy.

Challenges of Implementing Human Supervision of AI Text Message Generators

There’s no doubt that human review is necessary when it comes to monitoring this technology, but it does have some downfalls you should keep in mind. So, what are some of the challenges of implementing human supervision of AI text message generators? Some challenges of implementing human control of AI text message generators include the costs, time, and subjectivity associated with doing so.


Yes, AI text generators can cut costs because they remove the need for human staff to brainstorm, research, and write the copy, but you still have to pay the humans who are providing QA of said copy. And, as this may become a more specialized niche role as the technology advances, your business will want to allot for the financial costs associated with hiring a human editing team.


Your AI text generator might be able to write an entire blog article in 30 seconds, but that’s not the way humans work. You can’t rush your humans when monitoring and reviewing the AI copy to ensure proper QA. Keep in mind a lot goes into determining how much time is needed, such as the nature of the content and the quantity of it.


Things aren’t always cut and dry, especially regarding creativity. Sometimes, there’s a lot of room for interpretation. This means that you will need to work with your human editing team to set standards determining what level of involvement you want and what exactly you expect from the final copy.

Best Practices for Implementing Human Supervision of AI Text Message Generators

Finally, consider some things to consider when hiring a human editing team. What are some best practices for implementing human supervision of AI text message generators? Some best practices for implementing human charge of AI text message generators include setting policies, using the right tools, and training human reviewers.

Create Policies

This may feel like unchartered territory for some as you hire humans to review AI-produced copy. To make it run smoothly for everyone involved, develop guidelines and policies to help direct and educate your editing team regarding your business needs and expectations.

Use the Right Tools

This best practice might take some experimentation as you learn what tools are best for your business. You may start with one tool and realize it's redundant, or you may purchase another kind of software that isn’t beneficial. Do your research and test different tools and technology until you land on a set that best suits your business needs and goals.

Train Human Reviewers

This isn’t your typical editor role, so it’s essential that your AI editing team not only understands their duties but also the technology that they’re using. Training your team on the ins and outs of the AI message generator and any associated software like machine learning algorithms or those used to check for plagiarism is best. When your team has a more holistic view of the whole process, they’ll have an easier time understanding where their role fits.


Looking to the Future: SMS Marketing & AI Text Message Generators

An AI text message generator can improve your business in many ways, from customer service interactions to brand reputation. Interested in learning how this technology can enhance your business? Check out our free 14-day trial today!

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