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What Is Click-to-Text & How Does It Benefit My Business?

Click-to-Text allows your leads to opt in with the click of a button! Read this breakdown on how to use it to grow your business.

January 23, 2024
Marco Raye
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Are you looking for a better way to effortlessly connect with your customers in a digital age? Then meet Click-to-Text.

A Click-to-Text Button in SMS marketing is an innovative tool that simplifies communication and facilitates instant customer engagement by seamlessly marrying your business’ text marketing outreach efforts and mobile marketing website.

Within the EZ Texting platform, we recently launched an exciting new Click-to-Text Button generator allowing account holders to customize and place this button on their mobile web page to capture more leads scrolling through it, whether new or returning visitors.

The benefits of leveraging Click-to-Text are significant, and we have much to cover. Let's go deeper into what is Click-to-Text, how it works, why it's a game-changer for businesses, and how to easily use our new button generator!

What is Click-to-Text?

Click-to-Text is a user-friendly feature that allows potential customers to initiate a text conversation with your business simply by clicking a designated link or, in this case, a button on your mobile website. It's a reliable way to bridge the gap between your audience and your business, leveraging the reach, privacy, and simplicity of texting.

But how does it streamline communication?

Good question! By enabling your customers to send text messages (like opt-in confirmations) directly from a mobile website without manually entering the recipient number for your business.

This functionality streamlines engagement and facilitates direct customer-and-business communication through text messaging.

You’ve probably already either seen or used a Click-to-Text Button in the past. To give you a better idea, here’s a simple example of what they can look like:

Sample website on mobile device with subscribe today button


How Does Click-to-Text Work?

Three types of click to text

Embedding a clickable link on your mobile website lets customers quickly start a text message conversation. After your customer clicks the available button, it prompts their device's messaging app to open with a new, drafted text message pre-filled with the designated phone number.

Although messages generated via Click-to-Text typically have preset responses, recipients can customize the message before replying to your business, helping to initiate a direct text message conversation in many instances.

If you already leverage EZ Texting’s other engagement features, like customer list growth tools, tapping into our new Click-to-Text Button generator helps you continue saving valuable time when growing your contact lists and creating more targeted engagement opportunities.

NEW: EZ Texting’s Click-to-Text Button Generator!

At EZ Texting, we constantly communicate with customers to identify and innovate easy-to-use features that make communicating easier, more frequent, and more profitable. Understanding the inconvenience many mobile website viewers experience when searching for a textable number or attributing business responses, we created our version of a Click-to-Text Button generator with full branding options so customers can embed conversion-ready buttons onto their mobile website!

No more switching back and forth between your messaging window and a mobile website trying to dig out a contact number. Now, EZ Texting customers can choose their pre-filled message, enabling them to easily create different buttons for different site pages or specific marketing endeavors. We also included attribution capabilities for opted-in numbers based on the messages sent to contacts.

Click-to-text flowchart

Using Click-to-Text Button Generator In-App

To access the Click-to-Text Button generator, simply sign up for a free trial or log in to your EZ Texting account, navigate to the Tools section on the Main Menu, and select the Click-to-Text Button menu option.

in-app button

Why Should Businesses Use Click-to-Text?

Because as a growing business, you have challenging goals, and to accomplish these goals, you need to leverage every opportunity available to nurture authentic connections with your customers and ultimately mobilize action at scale.

Here are specific reasons you should utilize Click-to-Text in your SMS marketing strategy:

  • Boost Leads & Conversions: Instant communication nurtures quicker responses and conversions, boosting business growth.
  • Skyrocket Engagement: Engage customers in their preferred mode of communication, increasing connection and text message open rates by up to 98%.
  • Mobile-First Experience: Cater to the mobile-centric world, where user convenience is key, whether at home or on the go.
  • Reduce Support Costs: Streamline customer support by efficiently addressing queries via text, reducing operational costs.
Click-to-text retail example

Set Up Click-to-Text: Easy as 1, 2, Text!

  • Choose Your Click-to-Text Provider: Select a platform that suits your business needs, like EZ Texting.
  • Pick Your Textable Number: Obtain a dedicated number for text conversations.
  • Generate Click-to-Text Buttons: Create user-friendly clickable links.
  • Embed the Magic: Place the links strategically on your mobile website or across your other touchpoints.

Click-to-Text Best Practices: Maximize Your Impact

Check out these tips to maximize Click-to-Text effectiveness:

tips to maximize Click-to-Text effectiveness

Click-to-Text: Your Shortcut to Customer Connection

In a world where speed, convenience, and personalization matter, consider Click-to-Text a shortcut to establishing robust customer connections. Its function empowers you to meet the evolving demands of today’s ruthlessly selective customers. It provides a pathway for efficient, convenient, and effective communication, leading to stronger relationships and increased overall satisfaction.

By offering a seamless and immediate way to initiate conversations, it bridges the critical gap between your audience and businesses, ensuring prompt responses, enhanced engagement, and personalized interactions that resonate and leave those who matter most wanting more.

Embracing this SMS marketing solution reinforces your commitment to meeting customers where they prefer while delivering a more robust, responsive, and customer-centric experience.

So, what is Click-to-Text? Your next best tool for opting in more contacts and continuing lucrative conversations.

Start your free trial today, and tap into EZ Texting’s Click-to-Text Button generator. Happy texting!


With the rise of mobile communication, Click-to-Text holds immense potential. Its simplicity, convenience, and personal touch align with the preferences of today's consumers, who are increasingly on the go and prefer instant, personalized interactions.

As businesses embrace omnichannel marketing strategies, Click-to-Text will likely play an increasingly prominent role in connecting with customers and fostering stronger relationships.

By incorporating click-to-text into their marketing and customer service strategies, businesses can enhance their overall customer experience, boost lead generation, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

As this technology continues to evolve and gain widespread adoption, it is poised to revolutionize how businesses communicate with their customers, making Click-to-Text the future of business communication.

Click-to-text can be applied across various platforms and settings:

  • Website: Placing a Click-to-text button on a website allows visitors to easily initiate a text conversation with a business representative or inquire about products/services without leaving the site.
  • Emails: Including a Click-to-text link within marketing emails enables recipients to instantly engage in a text conversation for inquiries, appointments, or further information.
  • Social media: Adding a Click-to-text option in social media profiles or posts facilitates immediate communication with customers who prefer texting over other forms of communication.
  • Physical stores: Utilizing QR codes, businesses can enable customers to access a Click-to-text option in-store, providing real-time assistance or information.
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