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How to Build a Recruiter Marketing Strategy in 4 Easy Steps

Thu, 03/05/2020 - 14:25 — EZ Texting

Are you struggling to find the right candidates for your company?

Finding the right person for the job isn’t as easy as most people think. Potential candidates have more resources than ever before that enable them to learn more about you and your company before even putting in an application.

They can look up employer reviews on sites like Glassdoor. They can review your social pages, website, and press information to learn more about your company. They can even research you personally and learn about your background.

Future candidates know what they want — so how do you show them that your company is the perfect fit for them?

Thankfully, if you have a marketing department, team, or agency, then you already have most of the tools you need to start turning your recruitment slump around. Those same skills and tools that you use to find customers can be easily leveraged to find candidates if you know how to use them.

Let us show you 4 easy steps that you can take to start finding the right people for you.

4 Steps to a Strong Recruiter Marketing Strategy

In today’s candidate-driven market, potential employees are in charge. They get…

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SMS Compliance Made Simple: 5 Steps Marketers Should Follow

Tue, 03/03/2020 - 14:05 — EZ Texting

Are you putting your clients at risk by running SMS campaigns that don’t follow all the legal requirements?

As a marketer, you have an obligation to act legally and ethically on behalf of your client in everything you do. Some campaigns are riskier than others and have strict requirements that you must abide by to avoid problems.

If you’re new to text marketing or worry that you don’t fully understand the legalities involved, then keep reading. We’re going to provide you with a step-by-step checklist that you can follow to make sure that you’re maintaining SMS compliance.

5 Simple Steps for SMS Compliance: A Step-by-Step Checklist

Text messages, emails, and other forms of digital communication are regulated by government entities, industry regulators, mobile phone carriers, and messaging providers — like EZ Texting. The federal and industry regulators you should familiarize yourself with are the FCC, FTC, TCPA Act, CAN-SPAM Act, CTIA, and MMA.

FCC: The Federal Communications Commission regulates all media communications in the US and parental guides for businesses.


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How Business Leaders Are Addressing the Coronavirus – a Call for Urgency and Transparency From Our CEO

Mon, 03/02/2020 - 17:39 — EZ Texting

Business strategy, hiring and retaining the world’s best talent, and innovating on behalf of customers are three things that regularly occupy the majority of a CEO’s focus. These are time-tested goals to ensure optimal shareholder returns and provide a solid platform for future growth. But with the rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19), the focus of many leaders has quickly shifted to include the core health and wellbeing of employees under their own care and throughout the world.

After speaking to other business leaders and CEOs over the past few days, I’ve found that most are assembling teams dedicated to keeping their employees educated and safe. There is a consistent theme of staying appraised of bulletins coming from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (C.D.C.) as well as regional, state, and global health departments. Beyond this, many business leaders are outlining company preparedness plan including the removal of non-essential travel, preparation for employees working remotely for extended periods, and flexibility and understanding for those employees dealing with unexpected personal scheduling conflicts, such as local school closures. 


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Instantly Connect EZ Texting With 2,000+ Apps Using Zapier

Fri, 02/28/2020 - 17:05 — Valaer Goldsworthy

With EZ Texting’s new Zapier partnership, you can now access thousands of apps and connect them with your EZ Texting account. Spending hours flipping between your CRM, social platform tools, Google Drive, email, project management software, and EZ Texting can be time consuming and inefficient.

Sound familiar? Start automating some of those text marketing workflows right now, like pre-programmed texts or automatically add Contacts based on events in other platforms. Zapier allows you to develop your own custom integrations without complex programming or coding.

For example, you can automatically send a text message to a new Salesforce lead or add a new Facebook Lead Ads sign up directly to an EZ Texting Contacts Group. Or parse incoming emails for opt-in mobile numbers, whether you use Gmail or Outlook, to instantly add new subscribers to a Group and send a welcome text.

Additionally, you can use Paths by Zapier to automate conditional messages, sending different pre-programmed texts to new leads based on criteria from the trigger or other prior steps.

The EZ Texting-Zapier integration is great for…
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4 Text Marketing Best Practices for Accountants

Thu, 02/27/2020 - 08:26 — Lean Lab Agency

How do you communicate effectively with clients that are already stressed about working with you?

As an accountant, you are a necessary force that helps businesses succeed. You provide advice on reducing their tax liability and ensure that their paperwork is legal and submitted in a timely fashion. Your advice helps steer them towards financial success.

Despite all the good you do, your clients would still prefer to avoid you if they could.

Finances are a sore subject for most people, and you’re peeking behind the curtain to find all the skeletons — for their benefit, of course. But it’s still a touchy topic for most people.

Text marketing for accounting firms can provide an easier communication channel for you and your clients to help you reduce stress and still stay in touch on a regular basis. Let us show you some best practices that you should follow if you want to succeed.

4 Text Marketing Best Practices for Accountants

You need to communicate with clients frequently during tax season — and stay on their minds the rest of the year. Text messaging provides a powerful and convenient way to stay in touch and build positive rapport with…

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EZ Texting Just Made It Easier to Grow Your Opt-In List With Embedded and Shareable Forms

Thu, 02/27/2020 - 07:51 — EZ Texting

EZ Texting is constantly looking for ways to improve our experience and give our users maximum flexibility and freedom when growing their text subscriber list. And, of course, we’re always thrilled to roll out a new feature! So, take a moment to meet EZ Texting’s new Embedded and Shareable Signup Forms!

So, what’s changing and why is it important? 

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5 Must-Have Marketing Assets for Growing Businesses

Tue, 02/25/2020 - 08:08 — EZ Texting

Do you know which marketing assets are worth the investment and will perform over time instead of being one-and-done?

You are working with a limited range of resources — time, budget, and skill — and you have big goals to hit. It’s just not prudent for you to continually invest in short-lived marketing strategies that won’t continue to produce results for you in the long run.

But how do you find the long-term assets that are worth your effort? Simple, you keep reading.

We’ve done the research for you and uncovered some of the top assets that you need to add to your to-do list.

5 Marketing Assets That You Need Now

Marketing assets are the tools you use in your marketing strategies to promote brand awareness and generate new leads. Assets will continue to perform over time and be worth the investment in time, budget, and skill that it takes to produce them.

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What is the Future of Digital Marketing?

Thu, 02/20/2020 - 07:47 — EZ Texting

Are you confident in your marketing plan for 2020?

Building a solid plan for the new year is a struggle. You have to look at tactics that you’ve used in the past and review the analytics to see how well they performed. You have to consider your goals for the new year and decide what you need to make that happen if you’re going to reach them. And then — the hardest of all — you have to try to predict the future.

You have to know how changes in technology and buyer behaviors will impact your strategy and consider which changes you should embrace to help you reach your goals.

What is 2020 going to look like for you? Will you be a trend-setter or get left behind?

The Future of Digital Marketing in 2020: What Will You Be Doing?

If you’re going to keep your company on top in 2020, you need to stay informed on the trends and incorporate campaign strategies that utilize them. 

Which of these trends will you take advantage of to pull ahead?

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9 Exciting Recruitment Tools for Managers

Tue, 02/18/2020 - 09:45 — EZ Texting

There are no shortcuts to finding the right candidate, but with the right recruitment tools, managers can shave time and costs from an extensive hiring process.

If you’re in charge of hiring people, then you already know how challenging it can be. From writing job descriptions to conducting interviews and (finally) hiring someone and onboarding them, it’s a process that represents a significant investment.

In fact, hiring a new employee costs around $4,000 and takes about 42 days to do. If you hire the wrong person, you’re back to square one starting over — and you don’t have time for that.

There are tools for just about anything, but you need to find ones that will complement and improve your processes, not make it harder.

9 Top Recruitment Tools for Managers (Organized by Category)

Finding the perfect tools for your recruiting tool kit can be a challenge. There are so many out there that deciding which ones will make the most significant impact on your processes is time-consuming. 

Let us help you get started by introducing you to 9 tools…

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EZ Texting Named One of TrustRadius' Most-Loved Companies for 2020

Tue, 02/11/2020 - 09:35 — Adam Houghtaling

To celebrate Valentine's Day TrustRadius has put together their second TrustRadius Love Report and EZ Texting is thrilled to have made the list!

To compile the winners TrustRadius analyzed every word (that's nearly 23 million words in total) in their database of software reviews to identify the products most adored by their users. After combing through every one of the reviews for roughly 5000 products across 540 categories they came up with their final list of 50 winners. 

TrustRadius says this year's winners "represent a wide variety of solutions, showing that any kind of software can inspire love."

How did we get here?

EZ Texting had a phenomenal 2019. We rolled out two original reports – The 2019 Mobile Usage Report: How Consumers are REALLY Texting and Text Marketing in 2019: The Next Generation of Business…

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