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The convenience of QR codes make it easy for contacts to instantly join your list, find your website, or contact you directly.

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What Are QR Codes?

QR code

What Are QR Codes?

Think of QR codes as superpowered barcodes. Made of unique black and white patterns and often presented in a square shape, QR codes can be scanned using the camera feature on mobile devices and are used by businesses and organizations to grow lists, instantly drive users to digital experiences, or as a shortcut to quickly reveal contact information.

Now that QR codes work seamlessly with native smartphone technology, they’ve become among the easiest and most convenient ways to drive mobile users to take action. And though QR codes became an essential communications tool during the pandemic, the desire for the convenience they provide in our mobile-first culture isn’t going anywhere.

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Getting Started with SMS QR Codes for Your Business

Step 1

Navigate to the QR Code Generator

Using QR codes to drive list growth and engagement is easy.

  • Sign In to Your EZ Texting Account
  • Go to Tools In the Navigation
  • Select QR Code Generator

first step

first step

Step 2

Select the Action Your QR Code Will Take

QR codes are more versatile than you may think and can help your business boost list growth, improve customer experience, and more.

  • Create an Automated Text Response
  • Drive Users to Visit a URL
  • Instantly Open Contact Information

Step 3

Generate Your New QR Code

You’re almost ready to use your new QR code. Test different actions as well as how and where you display your QR codes to optimize results.

  • Test QR codes Using Your Mobile Device
  • Select Size & Download Your QR Code
  • Add QR Codes to Marketing Campaigns & Signage

first step

Benefits of QR Codes for Marketing

Get Paid

Grow Sales

Enable customers to engage directly with your billboards, print ads, and TV ads, as well in-store signage and collateral.

Share info

Share Info Fast

Add QR codes to signage so prospective customers can access key information at any time of day.


Measure Results

Use unique QR codes for different marketing campaigns to track which ones are driving the best results.

How to Use QR Codes to Grow Your Lists

See how easy it is to use QR codes to supercharge your marketing list growth and, ultimately, drive more revenue for your business.

How Businesses Are Using QR Codes

Grow Marketing Lists & Boost Engagement

Using QR codes is the easiest way to grow your list and the interactive nature of QR codes makes them a hit with consumers.

Print Collateral & In-Store Signage

QR codes are a natural fit for everything from print ads and direct mail to window banners, menus, and even receipts.

Billboards & Outdoor Signage

Make billboards and outdoor signage interactive by adding a QR code to large scale ads or “For Sale” signs.

Frequently Asked Questions


Create a scannable image that redirects your audience to a website, sign up form, or prefilled text message.



QR codes are an easy and efficient way to build your text marketing lists, segment new members, and drive growth.



It’s very easy thanks to our built-in QR code generator. You can easily add your code to messages, signage, and on your website.



EZ Texting features a built-in QR code generator that allows you to quickly and easily create and use QR codes in your messaging strategies.



The “QR” in QR code stands for “quick response.” It acts like a barcode and when your phone’s camera scans the code it triggers an event such as opening a specific website or adding a customer to your text marketing list.



Technically, yes, but best practice is to stick with recognizable circles and squares as the widest group of possible users will understand and interact with QR codes presented in this manner.