Signup Forms

Customer acquisition tools for your website and social media platforms.


Two Types of Customer Acquisition Tools:

Embedded Forms and Shareable Forms

In order to help you drive customer acquisition and easily allow your audience to opt in to your text messaging campaign, we have two free tools for all EZ Texting account holders. Anyone who signs up via the form will be automatically added to a specific Contacts Group in your account. 

Do you need a way to get the customers that are going to your business' website to additionally opt in to receive text messages? 

Use an Embedded Form on your site — it's as easy as embedding a YouTube video!   

What about getting your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram audience to subscribe to your SMS campaigns? 

Create a Shareable Form, and share the link on your social network feeds and add to your bios. 

Embedded Form:

An Embedded Form creates customizable HTML that can be added directly to your website. Using the Reports feature in your EZ Texting account, you can track sign ups/opt-ins through the form. 

Shareable Form:

A Shareable Form creates a link to a sign-up form that can be shared digitally. You are able to track the performance of this form through Reports in your EZ Texting account.

To access these free sign-up forms in your account, log in and navigate to either Contacts or Tools within the web app, or learn more from our Help center about setting up an Embedded Form and Shareable Form

How to Drive Customer Acquisition Using the Forms

To incentivize your customers to sign-up, include a promotion, discount, or exclusive information for opting in to receive text messages. This can be done through “Additional Options” during set up.

Once you create a Shareable Form, include it wherever your customers can see it — email signatures, email campaigns, and social media posts to start! 

Enable more than one Shareable Form to target subscribers who sign up from a specific location, and find out which marketing channel is most effective.