SMS for Customer Service

Breathe new life into customer service and turn customers and clients into loyal fans by treating them like valued guests with a scalable SMS customer service platform.

How Can SMS Customer Support Help Your Business?

Send Text Alerts & Notifications

Operate proactively and keep customers safe and informed by sharing urgent updates and emergency alerts. Our high-performance SMS customer support software has a 99% delivery rate, so you can be sure your SMS alerts get delivered.

Manage Appointments

Improving how you cater to your target audience using EZ Texting SMS customer service streamlines appointment bookings and reduces no-shows by managing inquiries, confirmations, and cancellations. Automated personalization helps your brand maintain a friendly face.

Confirm Orders & Deliveries

Redefine your post-purchase customer service with order confirmation texts and shipping text notifications. For businesses with existing CRM and logistics software, our custom app integrations can easily connect workflows.

Payment Solutions & Reminders

Increase revenue with a text message payment system. SMS payments get you paid quicker, text reminders reduce late payments, and contact segmentation helps make customer invoicing easy.

Streamline Customer Support

Reduce the need for phone support while responding faster. Our SMS customer service platform includes two-way messaging (also referred to as 1:1 messaging), plus landline and toll-free number texting, to give your business a competitive advantage.

Gather Feedback

Deploy text surveys and polls to measure customer sentiment or get feedback regarding products and services.

SMS Customer Support, by the Numbers

Get Paid

Reduce No-Show Rates

Text alerts for appointment reminders lower the number of no-shows by 35%.1


Satisfy Customer Needs

Over half of customers prefer SMS for business customer service.2


Differentiate Your Service Quality

69% of consumers across all age groups would like to be able to contact a business via text.3

Highlighted Industries

Retail & Ecommerce

Ring up more sales when you employ text marketing strategies.

Auto Dealerships

Drive more leads and more business with text marketing.

Professional Services

Generate new leads and streamline client services with text marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you know it or not, SMS marketing is an incredible customer service tool offering a low friction and convenient way to accomplish everything from answering pre-purchase customer queries and sending appointment reminders, to following up post-purchase or post-service with text receipts, meaningful content, and more. The intimate nature of text marketing’s push notifications make it especially adept at nurturing customer relationships through quick and conversational reorder check-ins, birthday and holiday greetings, discounts, and more. Begin a regular two-way conversation with a customer or client and you’re winning your battle to improve nurture.


Setting up a new texting account for customer service is easy and doesn’t differ from setting up any other text marketing account. It’s how you’ll use the available tools to improve your customer service that matters. EZ texting offers two-way texting, which will help grow your business by making yourself available for incoming texts and by allowing for improved nurture with customers and clients. EZ Texting also offers a mobile app, which will allow you to respond to two-way messages from anywhere, as well as scheduling tools and seamless integrations with a number of powerful platforms that can further help you to automate and streamline your customer service. EZ Texting offers multiple price points to fit any budget. Learn more about EZ Texting pricing or get started with a free trial now!


It depends on what your confirmation text is about. If a customer is opting into your loyalty program using a QR code, Keyword, or Sign-Up Form, you can set up an automated confirmation message within EZ Texting. Easy and painless. You can create other “triggers” for automated confirmation messages using EZ Texting’s seamless integration with powerful tools like Zapier, which allows powerful digital tools to connect to each other without the need for a developer. And, of course, you can always send confirmation messages manually, but it’s in the automation that you’ll save time and money.

Appointment reminders are a huge benefit of text marketing. Businesses and customers alike love the convenience and added value of a simple appointment reminder text. You can send appointment reminders manually in the EZ Texting app, but the real value comes when you automate your appointment reminders, which can be accomplished within EZ Texting in multiple ways, including through scheduled messages, recurring texts, drip campaigns, API, or by using our Zapier integration to build reminder workflows.

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