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Texting Insider: 7 SMS Templates for Customer Service

Offering customers SMS customer service creates a direct channel allowing your brand to nurture engagement and grow by providing fast and reliable assistance. See these seven SMS templates for customer service!

Five start customer service rating
May 22, 2024
Marco Raye
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Outstanding customer service involves advocating for the customer, offering assistance or advice as needed, and consistently meeting or exceeding their expectations. Your products or services provide value to your customers’ lives. A large part of that value comes from your ability to respond and rectify inevitable mishaps, whether it's unavailable or out-of-stock inventory, shipping and logistic issues, or product and feature feedback. Direct communication is critical to customer retention in these instances.

Why It Matters: Incorporating SMS customer service into your communication strategies enables businesses to provide customers with a faster, more convenient way to communicate while improving their overall customer experience—our free templates below offer guidance on the versatility and usefulness of text messaging for customer service. Check them out!

We can’t stress the importance of grade-A customer service enough. Since customer service is an anchor of your brand experience, let's cover a variety of situations and sms templates for customer service to help you continue the conversation and improve customer satisfaction.



5-Star Customer Service SMS Templates

Here are different types of SMS templates for customer service to help you get the creative juices flowing and improve the quality of customer communication:

Sample SMS Message


Customer Support and Feedback

By allowing customers to send SMS messages to a dedicated customer support number, businesses can provide quick and convenient assistance to their customers.

Sample SMS Message



The direct human-to-human connection of SMS texting helps you quickly identify problematic symptoms in your customer experience and eliminate the potential cause of those problems. With SMS customer service messaging, businesses can quickly confirm the solution restored the product or process to its working state.

Sample SMS Message


Web-Chat Follow-Ups

Continue the conversation and drill deeper into solutions for your customers.

Sample SMS Message


Appointment Reminders

SMS messaging is a great way to remind customers of appointments or upcoming events. By sending a simple SMS message the day before an appointment, businesses can help ensure their customers remember their scheduled time.

Sample SMS Message


Order Confirmations & Shipping Updates

After a customer places an order online, use SMS messaging to send a confirmation message that lets the customer know that their order has been received and is being processed. This helps alleviate any concerns your customers may have about their order and can also serve as a reference point if the customer needs to follow up on their order later. Remember, we live in an age of Amazon, where online orders arrive in under 24 hours. Offering real-time transparency on order statuses through SMS customer service texts is also helpful in a shipping mishap.

Sample SMS Message


Payment Reminder

Life happens, and sometimes customers need help keeping up with upcoming payments. Proactively send reminders to keep them on track and deliver value beyond your product or service by offering a customer-centric experience that shoppers can trust.

Sample SMS Message


Survey Requests

Looking for a cost-effective tool to quickly gain consumer feedback? Sending SMS surveys helps you hone areas to improve because customers are notified instantly. With open rates as high as 98%, survey requests sent via text messages have a significantly better chance of being seen.


To see more EZ Texting SMS and MMS templates, go here.

Why Should My Business Consider SMS Customer Service?

Great question. As technology advances, your competition continuously seeks new ways to improve its customer service, and so should you. Before we finish today, let’s also cover a few chief reasons your business should consider integrating SMS texting into its customer service communication strategies:

Ease of Use: SMS marketing provides an unmatched level of convenience compared to other forms of communication. Unlike emailing or phone calls, leveraging SMS text messaging enables businesses to send and receive short bursts of personalized information quickly and easily, whether the customer is at home or on the go. This makes using SMS for customer service an ideal communication channel for consumers who are busy with limited time to spend on customer service inquiries.

Speed & Secure Deliverability: In a time when customers expect their orders to be delivered within 24 hours or less (thanks, Amazon), speed is everything. Whether they’re shopping or have a question or concern, customers expect quick responses when they reach out, and SMS texting allows businesses to deliver just that. Agile, responsive, and solution-oriented feedback is any customer’s delight, and because SMS messages are short and to the point, they can be answered more quickly than emails or phone calls. This means your business can resolve customer inquiries more efficiently, significantly improving customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

Personalization: When it comes to multichannel marketing orchestration, most marketers will agree that personalization is not only a best practice but a necessity. Because using SMS for customer service texting is direct and, on average, opened 5x more than email, texting enables businesses to personalize their communication with customers in a way other forms can't. Sending SMS messages tailored to each of your customers allows businesses like yours to create considerably more personalized experiences and keep customers engaged and coming back for more. While personalizing your next text marketing campaign, review text messaging laws by state to stay competitive and compliant.

Cost-Effectiveness: SMS texting is a cost-effective way to communicate with customers. Unlike call centers or email marketing platforms, which are expensive to initiate and maintain, SMS customer service messaging is relatively inexpensive–a single text message costs between $0.01 and $0.05 per message. If you have an international audience, charges per text can range from $0.25 to $0.50 per message. This makes text messaging an ideal communication channel for businesses seeking to reduce customer service costs without sacrificing quality.

Accessibility: Do all of your customers have access to a computer or phone with internet capabilities? Maybe, but that’s not guaranteed. SMS text marketing allows these customers to communicate with businesses without a computer or internet connection. This is especially important if your business caters to customers in rural areas.

Start Your SMS Customer Service Journey with EZ Texting

The information and SMS templates for customer service in this article demonstrate the versatility of SMS text messaging and how you can continue offering value to your customers and their experience with your brand far beyond just your product or service. If your business can write an effective text marketing message, it can provide timely and personalized support to its customers, enhancing their overall experience with the brand.

It is a quick and efficient way to provide support and assistance to customers on the go, without requiring them to make a phone call or visit a physical location. To learn more about SMS text marketing, book a demo today or start your free 14-day trial (no credit card needed).

Happy texting!

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