Text Campaigns

Text campaigns make it easy to engage, inform, and drive your contacts to take action.

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MMS on Phone

90 percent

of texts are opened within
3 minutes of receipt

60 000x faster

of text messages are
opened vs. 18% of emails

75 percent

of consumers prefer to receive appointment reminders via text

68 percent

reduction in no-shows possible
with scheduled reminders

What are Text Campaigns?

There are three primary types of text campaigns: drip campaigns, scheduled message campaigns, and recurring message campaigns.

Build a drip campaign to send a series of personalized text messages at a regular cadence — like a dripping faucet — to educate and nurture leads.
Scheduled Message
Setting a scheduled message campaign can streamline your operations by dramatically cutting down on no shows, payment lapses, and more.
Recurring Message
Finally, a recurring message campaign enables you to use repeating messages (daily, weekly, or monthly) to remind users of upcoming events or promotions.

Text Campaign Features & Benefits

Reduce Noshows

Dramatically Reduce Appointment No Shows

Appointment confirmations and reminders give patients and customers an easy way to confirm or reschedule

Higher Education

Boost Event Attendance

Send event reminders and important details to attendees, employees, or volunteers

Collect Revenue

Collect Revenue Faster

Keep accounting streamlined with scheduled reminders for upcoming or overdue payments

Convert Leads

Convert More Leads

Create text-based lead nurture campaigns to educate prospects and prep sales teams

Hire Faster

Hire & Onboard New Employees Faster

Create a series of scheduled, personalized text messages to educate and onboard new hires

Engage Community

Engage with Your Community

Improve the customer experience by scheduling personalized birthday and anniversary greetings

MMS Design Template

Add color to your campaigns with our library of vibrant MMS design templates that can be used to enhance text campaigns triggered by holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Download a template and then add it to our built-in image editor (powered by Shutterstock) for further customization. It’s easy!

How to Set Up a Text Campaign

Start with your goal. The fastest way to create management interest in your SMS campaign is assigning SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely

As you think about objectives for your campaign, consider prioritizing what you can do that will convey your message successfully. Use a SMART worksheet with sample goals to begin to organize your SMS campaign.


Sell Your Product

Use special offers or coupons
to move more units
Generate Leads

Generate Leads

Create time-sensitive or
pricing-based offers
Boost Awareness

Boost Brand Awareness

Drive traffic to your website
and social channels
Incease Traffic

Increase Website Traffic

Promote a valuable piece of
exclusive content

How Long Should a Text Campaign Be?

That all depends on your audience and objectives, but as with all things text it’s best to keep things brief.

A scheduled reminder message may consist of one, simple SMS reminder, while drip campaigns can feature multiple messages sent over a longer period of time (though generally a few weeks to a month).

An example drip campaign may look like this:


How Often Should You Text Customers?

This falls under common sense, but our recent Consumer Texting Behavior Survey confirmed it — the vast majority of consumers prefer to receive texts from a business or organization Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM or during the hours that are typical to the particular business.

This is not only when your customers want to receive a text message, but it’s also when you will experience higher engagement rates.

How Do You Know Your SMS Campaign Is Working?

This is where solid reporting tools become indispensable. First, check your platform's reporting tools to understand what is and isn’t working. This includes texts sent, messages received, click-through rates (CTRs), and trending engagement.

Look for response rates to determine how successful your campaign was (or wasn’t) and adjust your plan accordingly based on those results.

See How Easy Creating a Text Drip Campaign Can Be

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Text Campaigns for


Use group messaging to send instant communications to both clients and their customers — improving efficiency and growing business.

Fitness & Gyms

Group texting can help your retail or ecommerce business reach more customers instantly, driving engagement and sales.

Property Management

Restaurants can use group texting to instantly send discounts and promotions to loyal customers and streamline staff communications.

Professional Services

Bars and clubs can use group messaging to instantly send promotions to customers and improve staff communications.

Retail & Ecommerce

Many churches use group texting to communicate with their congregations, including reminders about church services, Bible study classes, and community events.

Higher Education

Nonprofits often use text messaging services to communicate policies, organize volunteers, and solicit contributions.


Text Campaign Frequently Asked Questions


You can set appointment reminders to send at a specific time and date before an event occurs, like 24 hours before an appointment, to dramatically reduce last-minute cancellations and no shows. It’s often a good idea to provide an option to reschedule for your contacts to further streamline your process.



With everyone using mobile phones, SMS has become an effective way to send collection notifications and reminders. Since text messaging

Here are 4 best practices to help your SMS collection efforts:

1) Always include clear instructions on what the recipient needs to do

2) Include a deadline

3) Personalize your messages for better results

4) Be mindful of using language that can be considered offensive or threatening (e.g., “lawsuit,” “pay up,” “process server”, etc.)


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