Automate Your Text Marketing With EZ Texting’s HubSpot Integration

EZ Texting HubSpot Integration
Automate Your Text Marketing With EZ Texting’s HubSpot Integration

Until now, texting through HubSpot hasn’t been easy, requiring users to flip back and forth between the CRM and their texting app. Using our new and improved custom integration you can now send SMS campaigns directly from within HubSpot.

With this free integration, you’ll be able to create multi-step campaign workflows in HubSpot that include text messaging based on user criteria and/or events. Whether you are sending a group text message or direct messaging with customers one-on-one, you can use the integration to leverage EZ Texting’s capabilities from your HubSpot account so that you now have an efficient way to add SMS to the rest of your marketing automation tool.

Sales, marketing, and customer service team members will all benefit from this seamless integration with HubSpot.

Once you set up the EZ Texting + HubSpot integration you can:

  • Integrate text into your existing marketing workflows
  • Create a new marketing workflow that includes SMS
  • Compose and schedule a text message to be sent to HubSpot contacts

Learn How:

Set up the EZ Texting-HubSpot integration using our Help article and tune back in soon as we continue to upgrade this integration with additional enhancements!

If you haven’t started your free EZ Texting trial, today is the day! Try text marketing at no cost, no commitment, and no risk. Start text messaging your contacts within minutes of signing up.

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