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5 Ways Texting Can Help Drive Traffic to Dealerships by Promoting Sales & Special Events

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July 7, 2021
Lauren Goldenberg
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When it comes to driving sales for your auto dealership, there’s no better key to turn in the ignition than SMS text message marketing.

With texting’s 98% open rate (texts are typically read within minutes… or even seconds), you can be guaranteed that any Calls to Action will be heeded. Send helpful reminders of big sales and special events to encourage buyers into your showroom.

But text messaging shouldn’t be limited to new customers — keep those who’ve already leased a car from you in the customer funnel. After all, with proper encouragement, they may be tempted to turn in their car early… in exchange for a newer model. As these vehicles come in, use MMS picture messaging to share photos and videos and continually nurture these important relationships.


Use Keywords or QR Codes & Onsite Signage to Make It Easy for Interested Buyers to Learn More

When looking to grow your targeted subscriber list, rev up your Keyword or QR code campaigns by advertising these words with onsite signage as well as TV spots, radio, and billboards.

But what are Keywords? Simply put, they are the most efficient way to build a text message marketing campaign. You’ve seen them before — in ads prompting you to text “DEALS” or “USEDCARS” to a textable number. Here, DEALS and USEDCARS are the Keywords.

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They’re a critical feature to implement as they are easy for leads to recall and text as a way to join the primary database… as well as a more segmented list. Leads may wish to join secondary lists, focusing on more targeted text blasts.


Promote Sales or Events to Potential Buyers via Group Messages

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If you build it (a large subscriber base), they will come. Customers will be “driven” to a big sale by SMS group texts. Promote a big (or small) sale, a special event, or the release of new vehicles with group text messages.

In just a few clicks, you can get the word out and advertise sales to a targeted list of customers that are either already looking for a new vehicle… or perhaps may be interested in turning in their lease early to lease a new one.


Include Images to Entice More Interest

There’s something about a brand new car… and also a used car that will be new to the next driver. Whether it’s a sporty convertible, a family-ready minivan, or a cool Jeep to drive cross-country… every driver has an image they are looking for when they purchase or lease their next vehicle.

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Thus, it’s only natural that if you tempt them with a photo of this dream vehicle, they’ll be more likely to come in for a text drive. After all, you can list all some of the car’s main specs… how many mph the car gets and other special features… but it’s that image that always sells. The image that answers the question ‘do you see yourself driving in this car?’

But don’t feel limited to texting only photos of the entire car. You can also share close-ups of new safety features, upgrades, or even items from the dealership’s gift shop as well.


Learn More About Customer Habits Via Tracking Links

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Include trackable links with your texts so that you can determine which messages are being opened… and by whom. Armed with such knowledge, you can then better tailor your campaigns as you move forth.


Gauge Interest from Potential Buyers & Quickly Respond to Inquiries via 1-on-1 Chat

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The best way to answer customers’ and prospects’ questions? Quickly of course. And effectively as well.

And the best way to manage this? It’s not via emails that get lost in an inbox. And it's not lengthy games of phone tags and forgotten voicemails just as surely as it’s not skywriting.

The most efficient way to converse with customers is to use 1-on-1 Chat. With push notifications, you’ll be alerted to any questions so that you can respond immediately.

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