Text-Enabled Landline

EZ Texting's Text-to-Landline feature allows you to send and receive text messages online using your existing business phone number.

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What Is a Text-Enabled Landline?

Text-to-Landline (TTL) allows businesses to send and receive text messages using their existing 10-digit business phone number. How does Text-to-Landline work? After your landline number has been text enabled, you'll be able to receive and respond to incoming texts sent to that number, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

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Stat 90

of consumers would prefer businesses to text rather than call

Stat 86

of consumers want to initiate conversations with businesses via text message

Stat 75

of consumers have a positive perception of businesses that offer landline texting

What Are the Benefits of a Text-Enabled Landline?

Don’t miss out on customers that are already texting your landline! By text-enabling your landline, you’ll ensure you never miss another message.

Benefits of Text-Enabled Landline

More Business

Make it easier for customers and prospects to place orders and contact you any time.

More Flexibility

Text-enabling your landline lets you connect with customers using mass texts or Two-Way Texting.

More Organization

Use Text Forwarding to keep all your incoming texts in one place to easily sort queries and replies.

How Businesses Are Using Text-Enabled Landlines

Connect with Customers on Their Schedule

Use Two-Way Texting on your text-enabled landline to communicate directly with customers.

Supercharge Your Customer Service

Never miss a potential conversion by allowing your customers to connect to you in the medium they prefer.

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How Businesses Are Using Text-Enabled Landline

Text-Enabling Your Landline Number

No matter your needs, text-enabling your existing 10-digit landline number opens up a new path for list growth, engagement, and sales.

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Text Enabled Landline for

Retail & Ecommerce

Don’t miss out on new customers and more sales by text-enabling your current landline number.


Field more incoming queries and drive more new business by text enabling your landline number.

Wedding Services

Millennials and Gen Z love to text. Text-enable your existing landline to drive growth for your wedding service.

Religious Organizations

Text enabling your landline can help grow engagement and attendance by making you easier to reach, night or day.

Professional Services

Respond to clients faster and grow your business by text enabling your existing landline number.


When you text enable your landline you make it easer for new contacts to connect to your business.

Text Enabled Landline Industry - Retail
No Hidden Fees
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Unlimited Contacts
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Frequently Asked Questions


Speak to a representative to get started with your TTL number today!


After you’ve set up your Text-to-Landline number your text messages will be automatically routed into your EZ Texting inbox. You can also use Text Forwarding to send inbound messages to your email or mobile number.




Yes, with your monthly subscription, you can connect your landline or business number to send mass text messages.



Any keywords that were enabled for your account prior will now work for your text-enabled landline number as well.