Text Messaging Enables Lee & Associates to Close More Deals

Lee & Associates is the Nation's largest broker-owned commercial real estate services firm. Here's what happened when they turned to text marketing to help grow their business. 



The Challenge: Addressing the Changing Needs of Prospective Buyers 

As one of the top commercial real estate firms in North America, Lee & Associates is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to connect the right properties to the right buyers. Like many real estate firms, they advertise their buildings using “For Lease” signs. The signs alert prospective tenants to available office space, encouraging them to call Lee & Associates for additional information. 

Having tenants initiate contact by phone worked well for Lee & Associates until call volume began to decline a few years ago. The firm investigated and discovered that prospective tenants were wary of getting stuck on a lengthy sales call before they had committed to making a purchase. Expectations had changed. In today’s fast-paced digital world commercial buyers expect instant access to information on their terms; they have no interest in leaving a message or waiting for a call back.

The Solution: Leveraging Unique Keywords in Text Marketing 

To better serve the needs of savvier, more demanding tenants, Lee & Associates worked with EZ Texting to text enable their office landlines, allowing prospects to text for information. Then they assigned each building a unique keyword that buyers could text to get additional information on properties, such as photos, pricing, and square footage. 

In addition to being able to provide their prospects with information faster than ever before, the use of unique keywords helped drive future marketing efforts. Potential buyers texting keywords corresponding to specific properties of interest allowed Lee & Associates to easily categorize leads based on building type, price point, and location. Once categorized, leads could be better targeted for future marketing efforts.

“The data we get from our text messages is as valuable as the leads themselves, since we now know the types of properties that interest our prospects and can target outbound marketing efforts accordingly.” - Brian McCoy, Principal

The Results: Increased Lead Volume Leads to Increased Sales

Through the use of EZ Texting, Lee & Associates has increased lead volume, close rates, and targeted marketing efforts. By text enabling their landline numbers and adding keywords to each of their properties the firm has been able to close 16 new deals and generate several million dollars of incremental revenue.

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