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How a Leading Real Estate Firm Increased Sales Over a Million Dollars

Lee & Associates, North America’s largest broker-owned commercial real estate services firm, maintains regional offices across the U.S. and Canada.

The premier commercial real estate firm in West Los Angeles, encompassing Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, the division of Lee & Associates delivers a comprehensive range of services and specialized experience.


In Additional Revenue


Closed Deals Through Text Marketing



Real Estate Co. Gets $1M in New Real Estate Leads

The Challenge: Addressing the Evolving Needs of Prospective Buyers & Leasees

For decades, Lee & Associates advertised via “For Lease” signs that required prospects to initiate contact. The method worked well in the past, but today’s buyers seek updated modes of communication. Brad McCoy, a principal at Lee & Associates West L.A., wanted to generate leads more efficiently — thereby boosting call volume and increasing sales.

The data we get from our text messages is as valuable as the leads themselves, since we now know the types of properties that interest our prospects and can target outbound marketing efforts accordingly.

Brad McCoy, Principal – Lee & Associates

The Solution

Text-enabling office landlines and assigning unique Keywords to properties streamlined communications. Buyers could inquire about photos, pricing, square footage, and more with a simple text — and expect immediate, concise, automated responses.

Their texts also fueled targeted leads for future marketing efforts. EZ Texting can help businesses categorize sales prospects based on price point, location, building type, and more for seamless market alerts.

The Result

With EZ Texting’s platform, McCoy and his team generated an additional $1M in fees, closing 16 deals in less than three years. They increased lead volume and close rates, and enhanced targeted marketing efforts — just by automating communications that helped them adopt data-driven approaches.