Bulk Text Messaging for Retail

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As an advertising medium, bulk text messaging for retail is an effective tool for cutting through the volume of noise created by other advertising mediums. A bulk text messaging service for retailers enables you to abandon the “hit and hope” advertising mediums of TV, radio, magazine and direct mail, and communicate with your customers wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

Bulk Text Messaging for Retail: Effective Direct Marketing

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There are many forms of direct marketing battling for the attention of your customers. Billboards on every corner, commercials in every programming break and adverts on every other page of a magazine indicate the volume of noise being directed at your customers. You cannot even chat with your friends on social media without being exposed to targeted marketing.

To suggest that bulk text messaging for retail is effective direct marketing against this backdrop of noise may seem a bit rash. However, text messaging is becoming many people´s communication vehicle of choice. One of the reasons suggested for this preference for text messaging is that you do not need the latest Smartphone – or even an Internet connection – to have a text conversation.

Research has shown that retailers using SMS as a marketing vehicle reach 95% of their target audience. Compared to “hit and hope” advertising mediums, and email campaigns that get trapped by spam filters, that is a pretty impressive promotional reach. Furthermore, bulk text messaging for retail is considerably less expensive than most other forms of direct marketing.

How a Bulk Text Messaging Service for Retailers Works

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A bulk text messaging service for retailers is simple to use. You simply need to subscribe to a web-based bulk text messaging service for retailers, log into your account and compose your message. Then you upload the group of customers you want to receive your message and click send. Within minutes your message will be received and read by your target audience.

To make the process simpler still, and avoid annoying any customers who are unlikely to be interested in your current promotion, you can sort your customer database into groups. This feature means that you can target customers interested in sports goods with your latest sports promotion or those interested in fine wines with your latest drinks promotion.

The bulk text messaging service for retailers also has tracking and reporting features. Using these, you can monitor the success of your marketing campaign through spikes in engagements, response percentages, and coupon redemption rates. This insight into the success of your marketing campaign will enable you to construct even more successful campaigns in the future.

Bulk Text Messaging for Stores from EZ Texting

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No matter the size of your business or the size of your customer database, all retailers can benefit from bulk text messaging for stores from EZ Texting. For more than a decade, EZ Texting has provided a bulk text messaging service for retailers to help them cut through the noise of other advertising mediums, create brand awareness and develop purchasing intent.

Our platform has number of key features that will help you to achieve better results from your advertising campaigns. For example, with bulk text messaging for stores from EZ Texting you can:

  • Send images, audio and video files to your customers using MMS (multimedia messaging).
  • Personalize bulk sales messages with customers´ names.
  • Incorporate tiny URLs, coupon codes and QR codes.
  • Create messages and schedule them to be sent at a later date.
  • Run forward-planned recurring or drip-fed marketing campaigns.
  • Forward customer responses to your personal mobile phone.

There are no specific technical or design skills required to start using bulk text messaging for stores from EZ Texting; although, as your familiarity with the platform increases, you might like to try creating templates that you can save and use for future marketing campaigns.

We can also provide you with widgets for your website and social media channels so that your online visitors can opt in to receive details of your latest promotions by text. Furthermore, if you use web apps such as EventBrite, MailChimp and SalesForce, we can provide you with APIs for the integration of all your messaging channels.

Free Trial: Bulk Text Messaging for Retail

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One of the reasons for the EZ Texting platform being a popular choice among many businesses is that we offer a free trial of our service. The free trial for bulk text messaging allows you to test our product for free without signing a contract or putting in your credit card information.

For more information about this offer - or to find out more about bulk text messaging for retail - please call our team of Client Success Managers. Our team members will be happy to answer any questions you may have about bulk text messaging for retail and offer tried and tested strategies for developing marketing campaigns and growing your business.