App Integrations

We've partnered with leading software companies to provide helpful integrations that automate contact management across other platforms, including CRM tools, email marketing systems, and thousands of other apps.

Contacts Integrations

109 integrations in total


YIVEsites is an app for submitting form data to


Discover the future of networking with Tapni. Share your Social media, Business and Contact…


Contacts+, formerly known as FullContact, is a modern contact management app to keep your contacts…


Popl is a digital business card platform that allows you to share contact info and capture leads.


Connect with your network using V1CE business cards, phone cases, and QR codes. Experience the…


Funnelforms is a form builder tool that lets you create innovative forms and optimize your lead…


Dropcontact is a B2B 100% GDPR compliant solution to enrich your CRM's data


Sphere is a lifechanging tool for Agents and Teams to manage every aspect of all transactions, To…


Glibl, digital business card. Collect paper business cards with the scanner and AI. Use the Team…


Maysee is a business card management app that makes it easy to send them on your smartphone or PC.


CampLegal is a practice management software for LawFirms.

Zoho LandingPage

Zoho LandingPage is a smart landing page builder that will help you create, customize, and launch…
SMS marketing integrations allow you to sync opted in contacts or automate workflows between your EZ Texting Account and an external application. Find quick answers to your questions in our HELP section.