How Does Text Message Promotion Work for Retailers?

You've heard of SMS promotional services, but perhaps you aren't sure how text marketing might work for your retail store. The process is simple when you utilize a bulk SMS service with an accessible online texting software platform. You can now create a text message promotion in just minutes, and advanced features will make your bulk SMS campaigns more effective.

What is the process for sending out a bulk text message to retail customers?

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  1. Select the contact list that you want to receive the text message. SMS marketing services allow you to send a message to your full contact list, but you can also categorize your list for more precise targeting

  2. Enter the message that you want to deliver into the SMS texting software platform. Text messages are short and may include links, coupon codes, phone numbers or other information that triggers action from your recipients. You have the option to save messages as templates, which you may schedule to go out to new participants joining your SMS marketing list in the future

  3. Click send. Your text message will go out to every contact on the specified list instantly. You may start receiving responses within second

What is the difference between short and long codes for text message marketing?

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Codes are the number that participants enter into their phones when opting into a text message list. A long code is a full phone number that is designated to your SMS campaign. A short code is a brief string of numbers that customers can enter into their phones much faster. Short codes are easier to remember and are more effective when advertising your SMS campaign through social media and print media.

How can customers subscribe to an SMS marketing list from a retailer's website or social media page?

  1. Retailers can place sign-up forms for their text message campaigns on any website that allows the installation of widgets.

    • That allows customers to enter their phone numbers to automatically opt into a campaign, and a text message is sent right away to confirm their voluntary participation.
  2. Retailers can also direct interested customers to sign up for their SMS promotions by sending out social media and email messages with the short code and opt-in keyword.

    • Recipients interested in participating can then type the short code into their phones to subscribe quickly.
    • This is often done in retail stores when instant discounts are offered to new subscribers
  3. The use of keywords ensures that every person on your text marketing list has an interest in your business.

    • Consumers won't enter keywords that aren't of interest to their lives.
    • This reduces the chance that participants will later opt out of your messages as long as you aren't overwhelming their phones with unnecessary messages.
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How are keywords used by a text message marketing service?

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  1. Customers text keywords to a long or short code when they want to subscribe to a text marketing list.

    • The keyword is the first level of consumer consent to receive SMS promotional messages because each person on the list must manually enter the keyword from their phone or an online opt-in form if they want to participate.
  2. Retailers can divide their contact lists into categories, depending on the interests and needs of the consumer.

    • You do this by setting up a different keyword for each of your products or services.
    • You may also have keywords for special promotions or other categories that make sense for your business. This allows you to send out a text blast to specific categories of your contact list for more precise targeting
  1. The use of keywords ensures that every person on your text marketing list has an interest in your business.

    • Consumers won't enter keywords that aren't of interest to their lives.
    • This reduces the chance that participants will later opt out of your messages as long as you aren't overwhelming their phones with unnecessary messages.

How do you set up drip campaigns through a text marketing service?

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are created by saving text messages as templates on your online bulk text messaging web-based software platform. You can designate specific templates for delivery to certain categories of your contact list. Messages are dripped when you specify a contact list, date and time for individual messages to go out to your list. SMS marketing texting software platforms allow you to automate the drip, which saves you time and ensures precise timing for your promotional text messages.

Do SMS marketing services allow retailers to send out recurrent text messages?

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Yes, the best text marketing services will make it easy to release recurrent messages through an automated system. This allows you to plan ahead for text messaging campaigns, scheduling your messages to ensure that they go out at the right time. You can focus on more important aspects of your business while maximizing the benefits of SMS text messaging.

Can SMS promotional text messages include images or other forms of media?

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You can include pictures or videos in your bulk text messages. This is a great way to grab the attention of your subscribers and increase engagement rates. The more entertaining consumers find your messages, the more likely they are to look forward to receiving your SMS promotions. You may also see an increase in click-through rates and conversions when implementing images and videos.

Can you send out reminder text messages to SMS list subscribers?

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Yes, the advanced features included with the best SMS marketing services will allow you to schedule reminder messages. Use this feature to alert your subscribers when it's time to schedule an appointment or when it's close to ending time for a special promotion. You may find other uses for this feature that are specific to your business.

Will webpage links make SMS promotional text messages bulky and unattractive?

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EZ Texting utilizes a link shortener feature to avoid this problem. Our system will automatically shorten your link so that your message is more prominent than the URL. Your recipients will still see the link clearly and will have no problems clicking if they want to act on your message.

How does EZ Chat work?

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EZ Chat utilizes a full phone number that is designated for your marketing campaign. This phone number allows you to message back and forth with subscribers to your list. These conversations will feel just as natural as texting with friends from the consumer side, but they will allow you to handle complaints and answer questions promptly. This form of customer service can improve loyalty and turn one-time customers into repeat customers who recommend your business to others.

Try Using Text Messaging for Retail Promotions for Free

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