Mass MMS Messaging: Jump-Start Your Text Marketing

A mass text messaging platform is a service provided by a group texting vendor that enables businesses to send texts to many customers´ mobile phones simultaneously. Most text messaging platforms give you the option to send Short Message Service (SMS) texts of up to 160 characters or Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) texts which can contain rich media files.

When used to run marketing campaigns and promotions, mass MMS messaging is one of the most cost-effective ways to create brand awareness, generate engagement and increase sales.

This article explains how mass MMS messaging works, some of the conditions businesses have to adhere to in order to run MMS campaigns, and the advantages text marketing has over other channels of direct marketing.

How Mass MMS Messaging Works

Mass MMS messaging is a permission-based activity. This means that in order to send customers text messages containing any form of marketing material you must first obtain their consent. The easiest way to obtain consent is to have your customers text a Keyword to a short code and opt-in to receive your future MMS marketing campaigns.

Mass MMS Messaging Keyword Example

For instance, a retailer might offer an in-store discount by displaying this message near the entrance of the store: "Text 'DEALS' to 313131 to get $5 off your order." In that example, 'DEALS' is the Keyword and 313131 is the short code.

Your bulk text message service provider supplies keywords. As your customers text keywords and opt-in to receive your future MMS marketing campaigns, their details are added to the database maintained on the group texting platform. Once you have a sufficient number of opted-in customers, it is time to send your first mass MMS messaging campaign.

Sending Mass MMS Messaging Campaigns

To send MMS campaigns, you log into the text message platform and select which group of contacts you want to send your campaign to. You then select the message type you want to send, upload the audio, image or video file, and either click send or schedule the dispatch of your message for a time when it will receive maximum attention.

As soon as your marketing message is dispatched, your customers will receive it wherever they are, whatever they are doing. You can monitor delivery rates, open rates, and spikes in engagement via the group texting platform—which is also where any replies are received. These analytics, as well as feedback from your customers, can be used to fine-tune future campaigns.

For more detail, read How To Send Bulk MMS Messages: A Step-by-Step Guide.

The Rules About Mass MMS Marketing

Each MMS service provider will have their own terms and conditions, but there are also some federal rules organizations should be aware of. Most of these rules are contained within the 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and relate to spamming and protecting personal privacy. The Mobile Marketing Association has condensed the relevant rules into its Code of Conduct. We recommend businesses read this document before using an MMS service.

The content of MMS messages is also subject to governance by the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA). The CTIA is comprised of telecommunications carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.) who stipulate that mass MMS messaging campaigns must not contain objectionable content such as profanity, pornography, or hate speech. The CTIA will also block delivery of any MMS messages that endorse illegal drug use or violence.

Beyond the legal and carrier-based rules, we have put together some text marketing best practices in a post titled How To Mass Text for Business: 9 Game-Changing Tips to help you put your MMS campaigns into overdrive.

Other Things You Can Do on a Mass MMS Messaging Platform

Group texting platforms are incredibly versatile and can do a lot more than send audio, image or video files. These services can be used to send QR codes, discount vouchers, and messages written in non-standard “Unicode” text—a particularly useful tool if you have a culturally diverse database of customers. You can also run MMS campaigns to conduct text to vote polls and contests. These types of campaigns are particularly helpful for creating brand awareness and generating engagement.

The best MMS messaging services include functionality to send reminder campaigns to make sure customers show up for appointments, make their payments on time, and stay motivated to continue using the product or service.

The Advantages of Mass MMS Messaging Campaigns

The biggest advantage of bulk text message campaigns is that you can connect with your customers wherever they are, whatever they are doing. Most people tend to have their mobile phones within reach 24/7 and, due to the immediacy and intimacy of mobile communication, your customers will pay attention to your message much more than they would a radio advertisement, TV advertisement, or billboard advertisement—all of which cost much more to produce and deliver.

Consequently, marketing campaigns run via an MMS service enjoy higher engagement rates than any other form of direct marketing. MMS marketing messages are up to eight times more likely to be shared on social media, and customers are 15% more likely to click on a link in an MMS text than they are in an SMS marketing message.

Supercharge Your Mass MMS Marketing

Marketers for non-profits, small businesses, and enterprise corporations are turning to mass text message marketing because of the simplicity and extraordinary results that the channel produces.

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