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Multimedia Messaging Service - MMS Messaging

To best explain how MMS marketing works, a good place to start is to answer the question “What is MMS messaging?” The “MMS” in MMS messaging stands for “Multimedia Messaging Service”. This is an extension of the “Short Message Service” (SMS) used to send plain text messages over a cellular network, and it allows for images, audio and video files to be attached to those messages.

The images, audio and video files are known collectively as “multimedia” and abbreviated to “MMS”. The MMS files can be photos or video taken by the mobile device used to send the MMS message, or files uploaded from a PC. Typically an MMS message can contain up to 500kb of data - enough for a thirty-second audio or video file. The number of pictures that can be attached depends on their file size.

What is MMS Messaging for Business?

MMS messaging for business is a way in which commercial enterprises can communicate with large groups of customers, employees or business associates quickly and effectively. Businesses can use MMS messaging as a marketing vehicle (more about MMS business marketing below), or to keep in contact with employees and business associates during an emergency when data networks are overloaded.

Other uses of MMS messaging for business include sending prospective job seekers information about current vacancies, and guiding delegates through conferences and trade shows. Indeed, it is much less expensive to text a delegate a map of a venue and a schedule of events than it is to print and distribute thousands of guides that get lost or forgotten - and ultimately thrown away.

Why MMS Business Marketing is the Most Effective Form of Direct Marketing

MMS business marketing is the most effective form of direct marketing because 98% of the population has access to a mobile device that can receive MMS messages. 91% of those people keep their mobile device within reach at all times. Consequently, the “daily reach” of MMS business marketing is significantly better than TV (80%), radio (59%), the Internet (49%) or printed media (13%).

Furthermore, 94% of MMS messages are opened within three minutes of receipt, compared to an open rate for email of just 22%. Coupons attached to MMS business marketing messages have a redemption rate up to eight times higher than coupons attached to emails, and studies show that MMS business marketing performs four to five times better than online advertising for increasing brand awareness.

Developing an MMS Marketing Service Database

One fault with the first series of figures quoted above is that they assume every MMS business marketing message is sent to every mobile device. Obviously that is not the case. MMS marketing is a “permission-based” activity - meaning that customers have to opt-in to a business´s MMS marketing service in order to receive marketing messages. There are two ways in which you can encourage customers to opt into your MMS marketing service - “Click-to-Join” web widgets and “keyword-to-short-code” services.

  • “Click-to-Join” web widgets can be placed on websites or on social media, offering an incentive for visitors to opt into your MMS marketing service.
  • “Keyword-to-short-code” services consist of a simple keyword that potential customers text to a memorable short code number (i.e. text “Join” to 313131).

Whenever a potential customer clicks to join or texts a keyword to your short code, their details are added to your database and they are opted in to receive future messages from your MMS marketing service. This method of developing an MMS marketing service database is safe and protects personal privacy, and it also has the benefit of creating a database of customers interested in what your business has to say.

How MMS Marketing Works

“Click-to-Join” web widgets and “keyword-to-short-code” services are available from a bulk texting service provider. The bulk texting service provider also provides access to the browser-based platform through which MMS business marketing messages are sent. Once you have developed a database of contacts, you simply log into the platform, compose your plain text message, attach your multimedia file, and click send.

Within minutes your database of customers will be receiving your MMS marketing message wherever they are, whatever they are doing. You can monitor delivery rates, open rates and spikes in engagement through the platform; and, because MMS marketing works through a browser-based platform, you can receive replies to your messages via any Internet-connected device. You do not have to sit by your PC to monitor the success of your campaign.

Features of MMS Marketing Software

"What is MMS messaging and how does it benefit my company?" is a common question. There are several features of MMS messaging and marketing software that help further increase the impact of your text message campaigns, build your database of customers and increase your sales. The option to schedule your MMS messages in advance means that you can prepare your MMS business marketing campaign when it is most convenient to you, and have the campaign delivered to your contacts´ phones when it will attract the most attention.

You can sort your database of contacts into groups for easier management and so that segments of your customers only receive MMS marketing messages that are of interest to them. This saves you money on “wasted” messages, and also avoids the scenario in which customers opt out of your MMS marketing for business service due to receiving too many irrelevant messages. You can further reduce costs by saving sent messages as templates for use in future MMS marketing campaigns.

Find Out More about MMS Marketing for Business

If you would like to know more about MMS marketing for business, do not hesitate to review our FAQ page or call our friendly team of Client Success Managers. Our team will be able to answer any questions related to “What is MMS messaging?” and how MMS marketing works. If you would like to try running your own MMS marketing for business service, our team will walk you through the registration process, introduce you to the messaging platform and explain its features to you.

While we cannot tell you that all your MMS business marketing campaigns will be successful, we can guarantee that MMS messaging will add a new dimension to your mobile marketing strategy. We have helped thousands of businesses set up their MMS marketing service, and it only takes one clever MMS business marketing message to go viral - and be shared between friends, families and colleagues - for your database of contacts to grow substantially, with a resulting increase in sales.

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