How Texting Impacts Holiday Shopping: Giving Retail Businesses the Competitive Edge

November 20, 2020 — SANTA MONICA, Calif.

Americans receiving a text notification that offers a promotion or information about items only available in-store are most likely to visit a store in-person during the pandemic.

Woman on phone out shopping.

SANTA MONICA, Calif — November 20, 2020 — EZ Texting the leader in SMS marketing software for business, today announced the results of its Holiday Shopping Survey. The findings indicate that there’s plenty of good cheer to be found for businesses during this competitive time, especially if they leverage text messaging in their customer engagement efforts.

“The Holiday Shopping Survey data shows us consumers have declared their preference for engaging via text marketing,” said Norman Happ, CEO of EZ Texting. “And businesses continue to recognize that texting is becoming one of the most successful ways to connect with customers and convert sales.”

As the holidays approach, business retailers are at the height of holiday promotions and focused on managing the annual shopping rush. It’s important for them to communicate appropriately with customers in the most effective way. According to the survey results, texting delivers incentives to motivate customers to visit stores and also promotes online shopping and reaches customers anytime and anywhere.

Bringing customers into the store

Americans say the number one reason they would visit a retailer in person during the pandemic after receiving a coupon/promo via text is for:

  • A big percentage off: 49%
  • In-store only offer: 40%
  • New product availability: 35%
  • A buy one, get one (BOGO) deal: 34%

When it comes to people physically coming in-store during the pandemic, most say that they go in person if the item is not available online (50%) or if the shipping is too expensive (44%). Additionally, they’ll go directly to the store if the shipping takes too long (39%).

Trusting text and brands

More than half of Americans (53%) say that a text with a coupon code is more effective than a targeted digital advertisement when making a purchase decision.

For advertising texts, a number of Americans (28%) say that they’ll only click a link in a text if they trust the source. However, 27% will click a link every time.

Many receive texts from retailers weekly (35%), while some (28%) receive them daily.

  • More than half of Americans (57%) are more likely to purchase from brands that regularly send texts compared to a brand that doesn't.
  • More than 80% of Americans say that they can easily opt-out of receiving more messages from brands.

Shopping during the daytime, nighttime or in the bathroom

Where will Americans shop when in their own homes? Just about anywhere, including:

  • 38% in bed, before they go to sleep
  • 24% in bed, just after waking up
  • 20% in the bathroom
  • 21% while watching a movie with their kids
  • 13% when on a Zoom conference call
  • 12% while homeschooling the kids

“The data clearly shows that consumers will engage via text anytime or anyplace,” Happ concluded. “As our customers know, texting is a highly successful way to convert sales and a retail best practice, especially during the critical holiday season, when sales become the make-or-break success metric for so many businesses. Texting provides the consumer-accepted edge needed to thrive in a very competitive market.”



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