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Unleashing the Potential of Political Text Messaging Service Features for Effective Political Campaigns

Learn how to run a successful campaign with these can’t-miss political SMS service features!

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June 20, 2024
Kathleen Crampton
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Can texting really help your political campaign?

Yes, and we’re here to tell you why. From the proven benefits of texting to the best political text messaging service features that will reach voters and enhance your campaign efforts, we’re here to talk about all things SMS: politics edition.


Why Should Political Campaigns Use Text Messaging Services?

Political campaigns should use text messaging services because they’re a one-stop solution for reaching voters quickly and effectively. Here are specific benefits:

  • Texting services provide immediacy: People typically open and read their text messages within 90 seconds of receiving them, meaning that your campaign messages will be seen quickly.
  • Texting services boost engagement: With robust customer segmentation options, political text messaging services allow you to personalize each message. And when voters feel like you’re addressing what’s relevant to them, they’re more likely to engage.
  • Texting services increase your audience reach: A 98% open rate means that text messages are one of the best ways to reach more people (for context, emails have an 18% open rate).
  • Texting services are cost-effective: Comparing the prices of texting to other communication channels isn’t apples to apples because costs vary depending on many factors. But text services typically have various affordable pricing tiers that allow you to reach large groups of people without a ton of overhead. Learn how SMS marketing can boost your ROI.

Furthermore, texting is the preferred form of communication for Millennials and Gen Zers, and consumers are more likely to open text messages before any other type of communication (read more eye-opening SMS stats here). So, if your campaign hasn’t jumped on the political texting train, it’s time to do it now.

Effortless Political Texting Starts Here

Every contact counts! Gather, segment, and reach them all year.


Essential SMS Features for Success

Now that you’re convinced about the key benefits of incorporating a political text message campaign, you’re probably wondering, “What features should I look for in a political text messaging service?” Here are the 10 features you should look for in a political text messaging service when running a political campaign.



You and everyone involved in your political campaign are busy. That’s why it’s important to leverage political SMS service features that help you automate certain tasks. Text automation includes text scheduling, sending reminders, automatic replies, and drip campaigns.

For example, you can set up a drip campaign for get-out-the-vote (GOTV) communication, scheduling texts to be sent to contacts at predetermined intervals before and on Election Day. You can also set parameters within each drip campaign that adjust the communication based on contacts’ engagement.

So instead of spending valuable time scheduling campaign communication via text or deciding when a contact needs more information, you can use messaging automation features to do the heavy lifting.



Sample Text Message

With SMS campaign communication, text message compliance is crucial. Finding a political text messaging service that provides up-to-date guidance and embedded compliance features is in your best interest.

Regarding political text message compliance, TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) is what businesses and organizations must abide by. It requires opt-in consent and opt-outs so that consumers (voters included) can have more power in the marketing messages they receive. So, how can political campaigns ensure TCPA compliance in their text messaging efforts? Political campaigns can ensure TCPA compliance in text messaging by choosing a platform with built-in compliance tools.

EZ Texting is one example of a text marketing platform that provides customers with clear TCPA regulations guidance, including simplified opt-outs, automated disclosures, identity verification, intelligent spam monitoring, and more. Plus, it provides easy A2P registration to ensure that organizations can continue to reach contacts quickly without being flagged as spam.


Contact List Growth Tools

Growing your audience is key to getting your message to the masses — because the more contacts subscribed to your SMS list, the more people you’ll be able to persuade and mobilize. Ensure your political SMS service features include contact list growth tools to expand your audience reach. Tools should include SMS and QR codes, SMS keywords, digital sign-up forms, and click-to-text generators. Using various methods (like a sign-up form on social media and a click-to-text feature in an email) will put your campaign in front of more people.

Dive deeper into how to grow your SMS subscriber list.


Contact Segmentation

While most text marketing platforms have contact management features, yours should also include robust contact segmentation capabilities. To reach voters with content that speaks to their personal perspectives, concerns, and relevant issues, you need to sort and organize contacts into groups to tailor messages accurately and effectively. Using customer segmentation techniques, your campaign can generate interest and engagement through microtargeting and personalization. Read our guide on texting across generations for a political campaign use case.


App Integration

Chances are that your campaign is using several different digital political campaign tools, so how could you possibly add one more to your workflow? Easy —you just need to ensure your political text messaging service has app integration capabilities to connect with existing campaign tools.

Check out EZ Texting’s thousands (yes, thousands) of possible apps that your campaign can integrate with. Instead of having siloed communication strategies, you’ll be able to “talk to” other apps seamlessly, giving you fewer headaches and your voters consistent and well-timed messaging.

Fundraising Options

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Can text messaging be used for political fundraising? Absolutely! Text messaging can and should be used for political fundraising, so you’ll want to ensure that your political SMS service features include fundraising options.

You might think that SMS fundraising only includes sending targeted SMS donation appeals with links to donation pages, donor thank-you messages, and event reminders to drive campaign contributions and nurture relationships with supporters.

But the best text marketing platform should also include the ability to leverage text-to-donate or text-to-give options. These SMS fundraising methods make it super easy for your audience to donate almost instantly, helping your campaign reach its goals and expand its efforts more quickly.


Two-Way Texting

To break through the noise of political campaign messaging during an election year or midterms, use two-way texting. This feature of political text messaging services is also called one-to-one or conversational texting — and by encouraging conversations with voters, you’re providing them with a more personalized, meaningful experience with your campaign.

But maybe you’re wondering, “How can text messaging help boost voter turnout?” Text messaging can help boost voter turnout by using features like two-way texting to speak with voters directly, answer questions, discuss key issues, and help with logistics, like getting to polling places.



Another way to engage your audience and boost voter turnout with text messaging is sending SMS surveys and polls. This is a great text messaging service for political campaigns because it allows you to hear directly from voters about their concerns and their stance on certain issues. You can even provide yes/no questions regarding how they plan on voting.

This feedback informs your SMS strategy for specific contacts or entire contact segments, helping you tailor techniques to persuade and nurture each voter.


Generative AI

Generative AI is changing how we work and the landscape of political campaign messaging. Your political SMS marketing platform should provide generative AI features to improve your workflows, enhance content generation with personalization, and improve the overall experience of your team and the people who matter most: your voters.

EZ Texting customers can use the features AI Compose and Team Inbox to craft compelling and creative messages quickly and increase productivity and response times. 

Analytics and Reporting Tools

Three reasons why political campaigns should use A2P with icons

Finally, a big question among organizations is how I can measure the success of my political text messaging campaign. You can measure the success of your political text messaging campaign by using SMS analytics and reporting tools. Through your political text messaging service, utilize built-in analytics tools to track delivery rates, click-through rates, opt-outs, and poll/survey responses.

Then, track donation amounts, event RSVPs, and volunteer registration to accurately see how your SMS efforts are paying off. Use all of these metrics to continuously refine your strategy.


EZ Texting Is Your Political Campaign Companion

Ready to get started with a political text messaging service? EZ Texting is an all-in-one solution for your SMS campaigning needs. See for yourself — sign up for a free trial today.

Effortless Political Texting Starts Here

Every contact counts! Gather, segment, and reach them all year.



The kind of content should be included in political text messages: campaign announcements, key updates, persuasion content for swing or non-voters, upcoming events, fundraising, and GOTV content, all with calls to action to engage and mobilize. In addition, follow these steps on how to optimize your texts for success.

The potential risks of using text messaging in political campaigns includes not being compliant with TCPA and federal campaign regulations, texting your audience too often, privacy concerns regarding voter data, and misinformation when sharing persuasion content. To avoid these risks, stay compliant, focus on genuine outreach and transparency, and only send factually accurate messages.

Absolutely! Text messaging can be combined with other campaign channels for greater impact. Your campaign should integrate your political text messaging service with email outreach, social media posts, phonebanking, and door-to-door canvassing for a multichannel approach that amplifies your message and reaches a wider audience.

For more information about using text messaging for political campaigns, check out the EZ Texting blog, which features guides on leveraging the power of SMS for political campaigns.

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