Contacts Not Receiving Messages?

Are your contacts unable to receive your messages? Learn how to quickly and successfully troubleshoot any issue with EZ Texting.

It’s rare, but at times a text may seem to not be going through correctly. There’s a few possible explanations. We’ll show you how to confirm their number has properly opted-in to your SMS subscriber list and is correctly segmented in the group you wish. Or sometimes it may be best to wait it out a short matter of time — if phone carriers are experiencing significant volume, that can briefly delay a text.

As a reminder, subscribers can only receive messages from businesses based on the country their phone carrier is registered in. And our Help Center is always available 24/7 or you can reach out to us for Live Support Chat as well.

And you don’t need any additional tech training to get started. EZ Texting comes with 24-7 support and resources so you can begin communicating today.