EZ Texting With HubSpot Integration

Using EZ Textings custom integration with @HubSpot, you can send SMS campaigns directly from within HubSpot. You'll be able to create multi-step campaign workflows in HubSpot that include text messaging based on user criteria and/or events. How EZ Texting integrates with HubSpot:Multi-Channel MarketingWhether you are sending a group text message or direct messaging with a customer, you can use the integration to send text messages from your HubSpot account, diversifying your marketing mix. Workflow ManagementAdd texting to your existing marketing workflows. Or create a new marketing workflow that includes SMS. Pre-Scheduled MessagingCompose and schedule a text message to be sent to HubSpot contacts at a specific time.Dedicated Business Phone NumberAcquire a new phone number to text your customers and prospects, or easily convert your existing landline to a textable number.View inbound and outbound conversation history with the new TIMELINE CONTACT RECORD. And, with our upgraded integration, you can now send and receive 1:1 text messages directly from within HubSpot, allowing you to quit playing phone tag and reach customers on the medium they prefer... without having to flip between platforms. EZ Texting and HubSpot are a perfect and powerful combination. GET STARTED in just a few clicks and you'll be creating powerful custom workflows without the need for a developer in no time.

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