Integrating Your HubSpot Account

Using EZ Texting’s custom integration with HubSpot, you can send SMS campaigns directly from within HubSpot. You’ll be able to create multi-step campaign workflows in HubSpot that include text messaging based on user criteria and/or events.

How EZ Texting integrates with HubSpot:

  • Multi-Channel Marketing Whether you are sending a group text message or direct messaging with a customer, you can use the integration to send text messages from your HubSpot account, diversifying your marketing mix.
  • Workflow Management Add texting to your existing marketing workflows. Or create a new marketing workflow that includes SMS.
  • Pre-Scheduled Messaging Compose and schedule a text message to be sent to HubSpot contacts at a specific time.
  • Dedicated Business Phone Number Acquire a new phone number to text your customers and prospects, or easily convert your existing landline to a textable number.

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