SMS Texting for Healthcare

Quickly and effectively communicate with your Healthcare team by integrating EZ Texting’s platform. Through our 1-on-1 Chat feature, text message marketing also automates communications with staff, allowing for personal messaging that’s ten times faster than email or phone. SMS notifications and real-time alerts for scheduling and staffing is an affordable, easily implemented tool to help retain, attract, and mobilize talent through their preferred medium: their mobile devices.

SMS solutions seamlessly integrate with the healthcare software you already use, facilitating scheduling and timecard reminders, or introducing candidates to your hiring portal. Texting offers direct channels for management and HR to more efficiently update their staff on key information and any urgent alerts. The immediacy of text connectivity is unrivaled and can be particularly valuable among hard-to-reach healthcare providers with limited voice or email capability during shifts.

It can provide an immediate way for management and HR to connect to employees so they hear key organizational news and updates first. Staff scheduling via individual or group text message also allows for improved communication with hard-to-reach healthcare providers, who may be limited in voice or email availability during shifts.

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