SMS Texting for Retail

Whether seeking to connect with customers or your staff, EZ Texting is proven to help retailers boost sales funnels and marketing strategies. Notify shoppers about available curbside pickup and delivery options, automate abandoned cart reminders, offer highly redeemable MMS coupons, promote store reviews, or attract even more business by turning your landline into a textable number and engaging in 1:1 Chat to respond to questions.


SMS text message marketing also streamlines the process of communicating with employees so you can more efficiently handle last-minute shift changes or advertise new opportunities within your eCommerce or brick and mortar store.

Texting is a seamless way to connect with customers, stay on top of new inquiries, and keep communication open so that customers feel connected to you and your company. And you don’t need any additional tech training to get started.

EZ Texting comes with 24-7 support and resources so you can begin communicating today.


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