Nonprofit Year-End
Fundraising Roadmap

We’ve organized an all-in-one communication roadmap to help you strategize, package, and schedule all your donor-centric SMS and MMS campaigns from your EZ Texting account for the holidays.

Now’s the time to plan your perfect year-end giving campaign, and we’re here to help!


Labor Day:
September 4, 2023

Labor Day symbolizes the hard work and contributions of individuals in society. Leverage SMS text marketing to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of others while aligning your nonprofit’s mission with the values of labor and community support.
Audience size for SMS
grew 26% in 2022 YoY1

International Day of Charity:
September 5, 2023

Take advantage of this opportunity to harness the global focus on philanthropy during International Day of Charity to celebrate upcoming events or fundraisers and effectively engage a broader audience while inspiring meaningful contributions to your cause.
51% of people who visit
nonprofit websites
do so
on a mobile device2

National Do Something
Nice Day: October 5, 2023

National Say Something Nice Day is an opportunity to amplify positivity and inspire community engagement by creating a culture of kindness that aligns with our mission and encourages support for our cause. Reaching out through SMS text helps you galvanize your audience to participate in acts of kindness.
55% of those asked will donate to nonprofits
accepting donations via trusted payment apps3

Indigenous Peoples’ Day:
October 9, 2023

Indigenous Peoples’ Day helps us honor and celebrate indigenous cultures, raising awareness about their challenges and fostering support for their rights and well-being. SMS text messaging helps you promote cultural appreciation and highlight your nonprofit’s initiatives to make a positive impact.
Cultural nonprofits generated 53% of their
online revenue from memberships in 20214

Make a Difference Day:
October 28, 2023

Make a Difference Day is great for leveraging the collective focus on community service, inspiring individuals to take action and support your cause, thereby creating a meaningful impact in the lives of others. Leverage SMS messages to emphasize the collective power of coming together to create meaningful change.
Advocacy SMS messages click-through rates are
6.3% for fundraising messages & 10% for messages5

Veterans Day:
November 11, 2023

Veterans Day is about honoring the brave men and women who have served in the military, raising awareness about their needs, and encouraging participation to provide assistance and gratitude for their sacrifices. Prompt individuals to contribute and foster a sense of unity and appreciation for veterans.
1-in-4 donors use mobile devices to discover new nonprofits6

World Kindness Day:
November 13, 2023

World Kindness Day allows nonprofits to amplify their mission and motivate individuals to take action, resulting in increased support, awareness, and impact for your cause. Foster a culture of empathy and compassion while engaging your target audiences through the immediacy and delivery security of SMS text.
Subscribers who receive text messages from
organizations they support open them 99% of the time7

November 28, 2023

#GivingTuesday, the global day of generosity, is arguably the single-most robust chance to meet your fundraising goals, and sending SMS messages offers a personal touch, allowing nonprofits to convey their mission, urgency, and impact, ultimately increasing donations and amplifying the collective giving spirit. SMS messages will enable you to send slim, muscular, and concise communication conveying the urgency, impact, and specific actions needed to participate in your fundraising campaign.
GivingTuesday 2022 resulted in an incredible
$3.1 billion raised in 20228

International Volunteer Day:
December 5, 2023

International Volunteer Day is the prime time to engage your target audience about the significance of volunteerism and community involvement. With SMS messaging, directly communicate the importance of your audiences’ participation, encourage them to volunteer, and showcase the impact they can make.
90% of SMS messages are opened
within three minutes9

December 18, 2023

Christmas is a momentous time to send SMS text messages to your nonprofit target audience to drive engagement because it’s nestled in the heart of a season of giving, compassion, and generosity. Instantly connect with your audience when they are more likely to be receptive to charitable initiatives.
In the past year, mobile giving donations have
increased by 205%10

New Years Day:
January 1, 2024

New Year’s marks a fresh start and an occasion when people are reflective and motivated to make positive life changes. Reach out now and tap into their aspirations and encourage them to contribute, volunteer, or participate in initiatives aligning with their newfound commitment to personal growth and social impact.
Average response time for an email is about 90
mins, compared to 90 secs for a text message11
Implementing EZ Texting has been a game changer for us.
It’s already helped us make some very significant changes to fresh water supplies across the U.S. and I’m excited for our future together.
Val Fishman
Chief Development Officer
Bonneville Environmental Foundation
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