Cost-Effective Lead Generation

Build your marketing list with top-rated SMS marketing features.

Using text marketing to acquire new customers is one of the most successful ways to leverage the EZ Texting platform. Build out your marketing list using a custom Keyword; brand your existing or new dedicated number in the same way you would your website; and convert your email list and website visitors to text subscribers to launch multi-channel marketing campaigns.


Grow your opt-in contact list with a Keyword campaign.

Building Your Marketing List

An exclusive offer or compelling incentive in combination with text features like a Keyword paired with a textable number are key to building out your marketing list. If you’re unfamiliar with the terms it might help to know that you’ve probably seen a Keyword and textable number in the wild — something like, "Text SUBSCRIBE to 800-753-5732 to get a 10% off coupon." By texting “SUBSCRIBE,” your audience is opting in to your text list, creating a dedicated marketing list of leads that you can start nurturing with text messaging.

How to Grow Your SMS Opt-In List

Marketing Attribution

Know when your messages have hit their target and add a new level of offline attribution to your toolbox by using Keywords and a textable number to capture new contacts at the moment a customer sees your call to action, instantly turning an analog prospect into a digital opt-in.

Get the right responses from customers and clients with SMS.

Use webforms and Keywords to boost your lead generation.

Launching Multi-Channel Campaigns

Use our built-in web sign-up forms to easily convert email subscribers and website users to SMS opt-ins. Converting current audience members to text subscribers is a smart way to turn leads into paying customers. Plus, it means you can combine SMS communications with email marketing, website sales and promos as well as more traditional advertising like radio spots and direct mail.

Integrate SMS With the Rest of Your Campaigns

Join the 165,000 customers who have used SMS marketing to connect with their audiences.