Text Marketing

Text marketing is one of the most exciting technologies for businesses in today’s direct marketing environment. It takes advantage of the most popular form of direct communication - SMS messaging or texting - to attract new customers, develop relationships and increase sales.

Unlike most other forms of direct marketing, bulk SMS marketing is fast and personal. Text messages are delivered to mobile devices almost as soon as they are sent and quickly read by customers.

We will explain why SMS texts are so effective at improving results, attracting new customers, developing relationships and increasing sales. We’ll also discuss some of the tools your business can use to optimize the ROI of your text message campaigns.

A Brief Introduction to Text Message Marketing

Text marketing is simply texting a marketing message in real time to large groups of customers simultaneously, rather than to each customer individually. Major corporations have been using mass text messaging for over a decade to engage customers and build brand awareness since SMS messaging has far greater reach than email, Instant Messaging and social media.

Clients Opt-In

Businesses build their text marketing databases by inviting potential customers to text a keyword to a short code number (i.e. text “discount” to 313131). Once the potential customer texts the keyword and opts into the business´s mobile marketing list, they have given their permission to receive future text messages. By using an SMS message service, you are leveraging technology once only available to major corporations.

Re-market to Your Customers

What makes this so desirable, is that after the initial point of contact, businesses can contact customers by text with details of special offers and promotions, invitations to join VIP loyalty clubs or surveys from which information can be extracted about customers´ preferences and their purchasing intent. With this information, businesses can then further develop relationships with their customers and increase sales. 

Why Text Message Marketing is So Effective

Did you know?

  • 98% of the population has access to a mobile device capable of receiving SMS messages
  • 29% of customers who opt into an SMS text marketing service click on links
  • 47% of customers who click through to a business’ website subsequently make a purchase
  • Between 30-50% of coupons sent via text messages are redeemed

SMS texts are effective because you are marketing to an already hot lead, vs traditional one-way advertising or email marketing which doesn't get read. Once customers have opted in, your business can use this information to incentivize the customer to buy more.

  • Effective Distribution - Easier distribution of discount coupons than printed media, email or social media.
  • People Always Have Their Cell Phones - People are less likely to forget their mobile devices when they leave home vs a cut out coupon or one sent via mail.
  • Receives More Shares - People tend to share with friends and family any promotions and surveys they find appealing or entertaining.
  • Better Exposure Than Social Media - Research has shown just 29% of Tweets and 12% of Facebook posts get read.
  • Better Open Rate vs Email - People receive hundreds of emails a day and open rates get lower and lower.
  • 24/7 Connectivity - People tend to keep their mobile devices on and within reach at all times.

Because of these reasons, your business can rapidly expand your mobile marketing database with a good offer or survey that catches the public's interest.  If you come up with a good offer, it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to not rapidly grow your database and customer reach.

Mobile Marketing Strategies: Dividing Your Text Marketing Database into Groups

When customers opt into a message service, they are automatically added to the businesses’ database maintained on the group texting platform. While the use of keywords and short codes are a straightforward way to obtain this database, once the database grows in size, it can become unorganized when trying to manage every customer who has opted in using the same keyword.

What's the best solution? A solid mobile marketing strategy we like to call; Grouping.

Grouping allows businesses to use a selection of keywords that pertain to different goods or services, placing each customer into a group according to the keyword they have used. As a result, this benefits the business by providing the opportunity to:

  • Target specific promotions to those customers for whom they are relevant
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Reduce “opt-outs” because they are receiving too many text messages of no interest
  • Appeal to a wider range of customer interests
  • Develop the business/customer relationship
  • Increase sales

The added advantage of this strategy is that if a promotion is suitable for every customer in a business’ database, the ability is present to simply upload every group when sending text messages. 

Differences Between Group SMS Marketing Service Providers

Group SMS marketing service providers do more than provide access to the platform through which messages are sent. They supply the keywords and short codes that customers use to initially opt into a business’ text marketing service. As an added feature, most providers will offer multiple keywords, which in return, allows businesses to purchase unique vanity short codes relevant to their business.

However, not all mass text messaging providers were created equal. If a business is new to the game, it’s best to go with a provider that has a reputation within the industry. Experience plays a significant role in properly executing successful texting campaigns, therefore, having an experienced provider that has dealt with various businesses will be more capable of providing advice and customer support relevant to the businesses’ unique needs.

Another area to consider before pulling the trigger on a specific provider is evaluating the advertised platform. It’s important to investigate the functionality, to see if they can be integrated with popular web applications. It’s also vital to check and see if the service can recognize customers who have opted in to a mobile advertising service more than once. The last thing a customer wants to receive is a duplicate message. This will not only frustrate and annoy the individual, but will undoubtedly run up unnecessary marketing costs for the business.

Rules & Regulations for Text Marketing

The rules and regulations for sending text messages cover issues such as:

  • Sending messages too frequently (spamming)
  • Sending unsolicited messages
  • Protecting personal privacy
  • Sending messages that involve profanity or endorse violence/drugs

For a full list of these rules and regulations, you can find them within the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). For an easier read, the Mobile Marketing Association has condensed the most relevant ones into their Code of Conduct.

Keep in mind that each group text marketing service provider also has separate terms and conditions relating to how businesses can use their service. It’s vital that these are fully examined before starting business with a provider, as any breaches may result in a termination of a business’ partnership with the companies’ services. This could ultimately end in loss of custom, goodwill and sales.

EZ Texting Includes More Tools for Customer Success

EZ Texting’s easy to use text marketing platform and tools are designed to be the most effective in improving ROI and maximizing your business mobile marketing potential.

Our SMS Text Tools Include:

  • At least 1 Free Keyword
  • Website Widgets
  • Text Message Scheduling
  • Automated Drip Feeds
  • Recurring Message
  • Message Templates for Every Industry
  • Personalized Marketing with Customer Names
  • Starter Templates
  • QR Code Builder
  • Link Shortener

In addition to our Suite of Tools:

  • All incoming messages in response to a text message from your marketing campaigns are FREE.
  • You can forward incoming texts to your mobile device with our automatic text forwarding service (charges apply).
  • Free Technical Support from Our Team - Leverage Our Expertise. All we do is mass text marketing all day, every day.


Our mass texting platform integrates with a number of popular web apps used to engage customers and increase sales. Web apps like:

  • SalesForce
  • AWeber
  • MailChimp
  • EventBrite Advanced Integration into Custom Applications:
  • REST and HTTP APIs for developers who want to integrate EZ Texting´s group messaging platform into their own applications

Try Text Message Marketing from EZ Texting Today

Text message marketing is clearly a benefit to any business. Get started with EZ Texting today and send up to 250 text messages a month from our group texting platform at no charge. There is also no contract and no obligation to upgrade to a higher level of service. This free offer includes a demo keyword and a shared short code to help you build your customer database.

For more details or to find out how mobile marketing can help grow your business, call or contact our team of Client Success Managers today. After learning more about your unique business needs, they will demonstrate how our group texting platform works and can help you set up your free account.  Once you start using EZ Texting, if you have any questions, our Customer Service team will provide you with all the help and support you need.


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