Why You Need Text Messaging for Sales Promotions

Text messaging for sales promotions cuts through the noise to capture your customers´ attention. More effective than email, radio or TV advertising, text messaging for sales promotions gets your message to the right people at the right time.

People are Becoming Blasé about Direct Marketing

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The world is awash with direct marketing. You can´t walk down the street, watch TV, or read a magazine without being exposed to the latest must-have product or must-attend event. When you turn on any Internet-connected device, you are confronted with more opportunities and special offers - either through targeted online advertising or right in your email inbox.

It is no surprise that people are becoming blasé about direct marketing and filtering it out of their consciousness. Just ask your neighbor if they know what is being advertised on the billboard at the end of your street. Ask your kids who was advertising at the foot of the last YouTube video they watched. Or ask yourself the last time a purchasing decision was influenced by an ad you saw on TV.

Inbound marketing has been considered by many businesses as an alternative - but an expensive one, with no guarantees that the time and money spent building an inbound infrastructure will deliver customers and sales. Consequently businesses have to get smarter to get their messages heard, and the smartest way of getting a message heard is via text messaging.

Getting Heard Using Text Messaging for Sales Promotions

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Text messaging is rapidly becoming people’s communication vehicle of choice. Surveys have revealed that 91% of Americans have their mobile devices within reach twenty-four hours a day, and open rates for text messages exceed 98% compared to 22% for emails (the ones that get through a spam filter), and between 2% and 5% for direct mail.

With text messaging for sales promotions, potential customers are contacted wherever they are, whatever they are doing. Whether they are ignoring the billboard at the end of the street, getting a drink from the fridge while the adverts are on TV, or deleting their emails, they will typically stop what they are doing to read a text message - and are eight times more likely to respond than to an email.

The immediacy and intimacy of text messaging for sales promotions is unsurpassed for businesses wanting to get their message heard above the noise. Furthermore it is inexpensive. At mere pennies per message, text messaging for sales promotions is as cost-effective as it is powerful. Your customers are already talking to each other by text. Why not join the conversation?

Get Higher Engagement with EZ Texting

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For more than a decade, EZ Texting has been providing mass-messaging services for thousands of organizations. Through our text messaging and image messaging platforms, clients have been able grow their businesses, develop loyalty campaigns and achieve better coupon redemption rates (up to ten times higher than other forms of direct advertising).

EZ Texting´s platforms are easy to use. Simply log into your account from any Internet-connected device, compose your message, upload your list of opted-in contacts and click send. Within seconds, your client database will be receiving your message loud and clear on their mobile devices. You can even send audio and video messages using our platforms.

Tracking and reporting features enable you to keep on top of how your marketing campaigns are performing. You can view stats about texts sent and messages received. You can find spikes in engagement, analyze the results, and refine your marketing campaigns as necessary. You can monitor new opt-ins to determine which campaigns were successful, and opt-outs to identify the ones that did not work. With EZ text messaging for sales promotions you can also:

  • Create and save message templates.
  • Schedule future marketing messages or drip campaigns.
  • Assign groups with keywords for efficient campaign management.
  • Personalize your messages with your customers´ names.
  • Have replies redirected to your mobile phone.
  • Send QR codes and incorporate tiny URLs.

APIs are available for integrating EZ Texting with web apps such as iContact, SalesForce and MailChimp, and - if you need a little help at any time - we have Client Success Managers to give you a helping hand, or to provide you with tips and advice to help your marketing campaigns run as successfully as possible.

Find out more about how you can get your promotions heard with EZ Texting by discussing your requirements with one of our helpful team members. Alternatively, why not give EZ Texting a test run with our free trial? Experience the benefits of text messaging for sales promotions for free and then decide which of our flexible pricing plans will suit your text marketing campaign needs the best.