The 4 Things Your Appointment Confirmation Text Must Include

The 4 Things Your Appointment Confirmation Text Must Include

SMS appointment confirmations have transformed service-based businesses everywhere. From healthcare to hair salons, a simple SMS appointment reminder helps make sure that more customers are on time and prepared for their appointments.

When you use an SMS messaging service like EZ Texting, you’ll have complete control over automated scheduling, messaging, and more. The benefits of text message marketing are boundless! The savviest businesses will schedule a few reminders leading up to the appointment date.

Additionally, some SMS appointment confirmations will even remind customers to bring important paperwork or give recipients information on canceling or rescheduling — it’s that easy!

In this article, we’ll cover a few must-have components of an effective SMS appointment confirmation reminder. Incorporating the components on our list will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your SMS appointment confirmations and reduce the number of appointment no-shows.


4 Things Your Appointment Confirmation Text Must Include

Sending an appointment reminder via text is simple and easy with the right SMS software provider in place. Oftentimes, SMS software providers can even give you a few ready-made SMS appointment reminder templates. At a minimum, appointment confirmations should incorporate all of the following:

1. Address Contacts by Name

Using your customer’s name is a nice touch that makes your message more personal. If your company is more laid back, you could simply use their first name, like “Hi Jane…”

However, if you are a more professional organization, then you should consider also including their last name like “Hello Jane Doe…”

EZ Texting’s software allows you to upload your contact’s name along with their appointment information. This allows you to easily utilize merge fields to personalize each individual message.

For example, when you build your message, you would use the merge fields like this:

“Hi {#FirstName#} {#LastName#} ...”

When your contact, Jane Doe, receives this message, our software will replace those fields. After the replacement, the message that Jane receives looks like this:

“Hi Jane Doe...”

2. Include Date, Time, and Location

Since you are using the text campaign to remind them of a specific appointment that’s coming up, you should include the date and time of the appointment as well as the location.

For example, your message might look like this:

“Hi Jane Doe - you have an appt tomorrow at 2pm at Dr. Allergy’s Chattanooga office.”

It lets Jane know the day and time that her appointment is on as well as letting her know what doctor and location that she needs to go to.

3. Include Information on How to Change Their Appointment

Sometimes life happens. Your customers will have completely forgotten that they booked an appointment with you and your reminder text will remind them that they need to reschedule.

Your message can easily include information on how to do this.

If you have a textable number, then the recipient can simply reply to the message. Their reply roles into your EZ Chat inbox so you can have a conversation with them and easily get them rescheduled.

This would look something like:

“Hi Jane Doe - you have an appt tomorrow at 2pm at Dr. Allergy’s Chattanooga office. Reply if you need to reschedule.”

If you do not have a textable number, then you would need to provide another way for them to reschedule their appointment, such as a phone number.

4. Include Support Number

Finally, you should also include a phone number that they can reach you at. Even if you have a textable number, some people will feel more comfortable if they can call you if they have questions or to reschedule.

Your message would look something like this:

“Hi Jane Doe - you have an appointment tomorrow at 2pm at Dr. Allergy’s Chattanooga office. (555) 123-4567 - call or reply with questions or to reschedule.”

Are You Ready to Build Your First Appointment Reminder Confirmation?

Now that you know what to include, let’s look at a few examples that showcase these best practices.

  • “Jane, your appointment is today at 2pm. Please come 10 minutes early. - Dr. Allergy, Chattanooga (555) 123-4567. Reply if you need to reschedule.”
  • “Jane, you are meeting Scott at 2pm tomorrow to view the property on Lakeview Dr. Reply if you need to change the time.”
  • “Jane Doe, you have been invited to interview at Dr. Allergy in Chattanooga at 2pm on the 21st of Nov. Please call (555) 123-4567 with questions. - Susan”
  • “Hey Jane, this is a reminder from Dr. Allergy about your appt today at 2pm. If you need to reschedule, call or text (555) 123-4567.”
  • “Just a reminder from Susan at Dr. Allergy about your appt tomorrow at 2pm. Please bring your new patient paperwork. (555) 123-4567”
  • “Hi Jane! You have an appointment to bring Fido in for his bath tomorrow at 2pm. Please call us with any questions on (555) 123-4567. See you soon!”
  • “Hey Jane - this is your weekly check-in to make sure that you’re on track with your exercise goals. Keep going strong! - Jake (555) 123-4567”

What Other Campaigns Will You Create?

SMS messages are great for appointment reminders, but they are can also be used for so much more. We have a great resource to get you started applying SMS campaigns to your marketing plan.

Download our 9-Step Roadmap to Mastering Text Message Marketing. We’ll show you the nine steps that successful text marketers take when they are just getting started.

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