Essential Push Techniques for a Complete Mobile Marketing Strategy

Text Marketing Push Techniques
Essential Push Techniques for a Complete Mobile Marketing Strategy

An effective mobile marketing strategy uses both push and pull tactics in order to maximize consumer engagement. Each has its charms. While a certain amount of push is essential if you want to reach a bigger audience, it can be seen as spammy if poorly executed.

This element of risk can engender a more timid approach to mobile marketing solutions. Many businesses are unwilling to take that risk, focusing instead on pull mobile marketing tactics like responsive web design and brilliantly rendered apps.

It’s true that getting results from a push marketing campaign is a harder line to walk, but that is precisely the reason it can pay off so decisively if conducted in a smart way. Recent data collated by push tech startup Urban Airship suggests that push notifications as part of a mobile marketing strategy can have astonishing results:

  • 540% increase in daily app opens
  • 30% increase in social media sharing
  • Triple response rates compared to email

Customer Consultant Tim Chang from cloud telephony and SMS marketing firm Callfire agrees that push tactics are the most effective:

“We’re so busy in our own lives that if someone wants your attention, they need to be direct. You have to force yourself to the forefront in order to stay visible.”

A great example of a well-executed push campaign is the strategy adopted in 2012 by flash-sale website Rue La La. Through the use of push notifications, the site’s mobile sales exceeded those generated through desktop browsers – in a single day. Their measured approach to sending out notifications kept the brand/consumer conversation going, and on the company’s own terms.

For all the benefits, it’s important to remember that push notifications can be switched off. Once smartphone owners reach a critical mass of apps, they become more inclined to switch a few off so as to avoid being bombarded with constant alerts. The key to skirting this inevitability is to make your brand a low priority when customers come to choose which notifications to switch off. This is where minimizing the number of notifications you send really pays off: you must walk the line of remaining visible but not irritating if you want to maximize retention rates.

Push notifications for apps carry an implicit sense of urgency to engage with the brand, but texting achieves the same result writ large. With 90% of text messages opened and read within three minutes of delivery, a push mobile marketing strategy can yield instant data regarding the success (or failure) of a campaign. Where apps present some barrier to engagement (the time and cost of downloading), text messages present very few barriers. Once the customer has agreed to opt-in, the relationship has begun and the company is free to send relevant content as they see fit. Importantly, text messages can reach every single mobile device on the market, whilst apps require a smartphone.

A good mobile marketing strategy is all about balance. Balance between push and pull tactics. Balance between app notifications and SMS messaging. Balance between standing out from the crowd and shouting in an empty room. It takes constant tweaking, and a keen eye for cause and effect, but do it right and your business will reap the rewards.

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