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Sending COVID-19 SMS Notifications About Your Business Operations

Text "COVID19" to 858585 for text updates from the CDC.
Sending COVID-19 SMS Notifications About Your Business Operations

As businesses and offices begin to reopen with new operating hours and visitation procedures, the EZ Texting team wants to help our customers find the best ways to message their own evolving plans. 

We’ve created a Guide for Sending COVID-19 Notifications that will quickly walk you through options for communicating your business or organization’s ongoing status, re-opening strategy, and news updates.

We firmly believe in text messaging’s ability to cut through the noise and deliver extraordinarily high engagement, often in conjunction with other forms of communications. In moments like this you can’t risk people not knowing. To that end, we’ve put together some ideas for communicating about COVID-19 operations changes with your audience, whether that audience is made up of customers or employees.

We hear from HR professionals all the time that they’re adopting text messaging into their notifications systems because they actually want their message to be seen by everyone. This immediacy is even more critical in times of change, which is why you may consider sending a follow-up text message after any type of communication to ensure your broadcast has high visibility. 

Additionally, we've set up a free text service for you to receive the latest updates directly from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Just text the keyword “COVID19” to 858585*. Staying informed and acting expeditiously on information from respected health organizations and community leadership is critical in times like this.

We've also launched a partnership with the En#Couraging text campaign. Get inspiring and motivational text messages for free* by texting BRAVE to 484848. You can even use the service to send messages of caring and gratitude to the pandemic healthcare and essential workers. Text the keyword BEKIND to 484848 for a prompt to send a message that will be forwarded to workers who've subscribed to get texts from the community. 

*Message & data rates may apply; recurring messages; Terms & Conditions apply. 

Stay safe, everyone!

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